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 Farewell to Summer

One brilliant reason to live in England must surely be the beauty of the seasons. Whilst it is obvious that Summer has gone and we are now into Autumn, we both mourn the loss but embrace the change this brings. The colour of some leaves are utterly incredible and totally endearing, until they drop to the ground and provide an additional hazard for lost balls. Nevertheless, we are blessed with some sensational trees at the club and I am certainly enjoying the blaze of colour which could extend for several more weeks.

And so, this week, our own club version of Andrew LLoyd Webber, produced and presented his own golfing tribute to the four seasons, 'Farewell to Summer'. I am of course referring to one of the club's greatest assets, the irrepressible John White. This was the third of a trilogy of events John produced this year, either alone or with assistance, therefore this was the ultimate event for this year. Once again, this was a great fun, mixed event, designed to entertain, which did not disappoint. John has rumoured that he will be ceasing his impresario role and is looking for new blood to take over. Big boots to fill indeed but if you would like to give it a go, please do, John would be delighted and he will give all the support needed to ensure a smooth transition. John, you are a legend.

On Tuesday, we hosted another new members evening. I think we had about thirty plus attend, of which there were 3 golfing members, the remainder social members, which was statistically very representative. Several management committee members turned up to drink the wine which was on free vend to discuss all aspects of club life with our newer colleagues. I think everyone had a good time and maybe learnt something more about the club which they have joined, despite enduring a boring lecture from me. We take quite a lot of club life for granted and don't always realise that not everyone has the same knowledge of the club that we do. I know we are planning better induction and mentoring procedures but it takes time get these initiatives up and running. I know that we still need to brush up on communication, not everyone is receiving club newsletters and so on. If you are one of these members or know of one, please get in contact so that this can be remedied.

Last Sunday was the final scheduled Pro Draw in my year of captaincy. In his inimitable wisdom, Danny decided that we should mark the occasion by tweaking the usual Pro draw and to go for a Captain versus Pro team match, based on a Ryder Cup format. Obviously, a brilliant idea, but it did occur to me that this guaranteed that Danny would not be required to play with me again, am I reading too much into this? Maybe the stress of playing in excess of 25 Captain Pro Challenges had finally ground him down. Actually, I don't think so, he is such a great guy, I can't imagine him ever not being fully committed and upbeat. Unfortunately, due to the numbers on the day, it transpired that Danny and I would play against each other, on our own. It will never be revealed what happened in our match, that will be forever just between us, I was just pleased that I managed to bring out the best in his game. For me, the crazy brainchild that became the Captain V. Pro Ryder Cup Team challenge, was pivotal. It's these things that bring together members and the club's professional teams in a way that transcends the event, well it did for me. Next year, Big G in his capacity as Captain will decide if he wants to try this event again, something tells me that this could be here to stay, at least while we keep hold of Danny.

Our chairman Billie Newland, will be sending all golfing members of the club an email to try to explain the rationale behind proposing to change the golf club, to a limited company. Please read this and try to spend a little time reviewing the literature available online, which is referenced in Billie's email. A great deal of time has been spent by a lot of people to finally get to the position where we can present a proposition at the AGM. Many clubs are already operating as limited companies and many more are going down the same road which we are proposing. Please give it the attention it deserves and please do ask questions. I can assure you that the perception of how the club works, the role of the current limited company and your role in this relationship is not clear to many of our members. Find out the facts for yourself, it will be important because you will be asked to vote for or against the proposition at the AGM. If you want a 2 minute express explanation or a full 60 minute bore, I'm your man but don't ask Peter Wafford about it, I've already bored him into submission, poor chap.

We have smashed the 1000 word count, so it must be time for the bullet points;

  • Sneak preview - Club night this Friday will include a live new star turn, you will be disappointed if you miss it.
  • President's Day Saturday 14 September – Join Mark in celebrating the end of his term.
  • I will be away next week but back for our President's Day dinner, there may be a few places left so check it out with Debbie or Mark.
  • Big G is standing in for me this Sunday in the next Captain Pro challenge, I can't wait for the full report.
  • Mixed Pilates classes are now available at the club on Thursday mornings, see the web site for more details.
  • The Autumn Kruger Sovereign will be held on Thursday 19 September, enter and try to win a sovereign.
  • Club and Company AGM 28 September – come along to have your say.
  • Sunday 29 September Captains Drive In - Play in the competition and afterwards watch your new captain perform his inaugural drive in, don't think he will need 3 attempts like I did.
  • The Sunday carvery was very well received and will continue on the first Sunday of each month until Christmas.

See around the club,




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Monday, 10 August 2020

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