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Until very recently, I have not been consciously considering the termination of my tenure as Club Captain. As we rapidly approach September, this now begins to comes into focus. No need to panic, this is not the time for a reprise of my year, a deep retrospect or any appraisal, that time will come. However, despite the fact that the club faces more potential changes, including imminent proposals to incorporate the 'golf club', there is very much to look forward to.

Our Vice Captain, Graham Evans, AKA Big G, will don the green jacket on 28 September 2019 at the club AGM. At the same time, well virtually, we will be graced with a new VC, namely the intoxicating individual, Iain Lanario, which really is wonderful news. Big G will provide his own striking brand of leadership, which I can see being followed up very nicely by Iain. I can tell that Iain is taking his proposed appointment very seriously, he has vowed to cease all further Graphene experimentation for the foreseeable future, which as we will recognise, is a hell of a sacrifice. Again, more of this on a later occasion.

We will of course be welcoming a new Lady/Ladies/Women's ( delete as appropriate) Captain, the organiser in extremise, the lovable Sue Charles, no not AKA Mrs Big G. To the best of my knowledge, Sue and the Ladies Committee have not yet secured a VC but this will hopefully change soon. Once again, more on this later.

My last blog drifted in the realms of club communication, with the clarity of a heavy mist over the ha-ha adjacent to the practice green, meaning that I missed out some more important missives. So, apologies to Big G for my failure to mention his brilliant organisation of the Gentlemen's Invitation to the Ladies. He was right, everything that day was brilliant and is a clear sign of things to come. The other omission was to enlighten you on the Staysure Tour, formally known as the European Seniors Tour. This is being held at Hanbury Manor from 30 August to 1 September, where you can get up close and personal to many famous European Tour and former Ryder Cup players. The added attraction is that our very own mischievous pairing of Paul Robertson and Richard Patterson are playing and as a result you can obtain entry for free from the Tour website at www.europeantour.com/staysuretour and entering the promotional code PR2019, or just contact Paul.

OK, now a blanket apology to all of you who have requested notices to be included in the blog and I haven't remembered or bothered, sorry.

One thing that I haven't forgotten to mention is the Pro Draw to be held on this coming Sunday 1 September. Since this will be the final Pro Draw in my year of office, Danny has invented a competition to replace the usual draw on that day. It will feature the Captain v. Pro, which will be the toughest challenge we have thrown down to date. We will be split into two teams, the Captain's and the Pro's and we will battle it out over 3 different formats, on 18 holes. Remarkably, the "Peaky Blinder" had retained the format in his head and managed to recite it, verbatim, to a few members of Chigwell on Wednesday. It sounded brilliant to me, so please try to attend if you can. Hopefully we will get the normal Pro Draw crowd plus loads more. If you can't or haven't put your name down, don't worry just turn up around 8.00am on Sunday and be ready for the fireworks.

Our website is being a bit rejigged, which is obviously necessary to keep it fresh and current, so thanks to the professional team and Mark Kermode for their hard work. However, a slight criticism from me would be that there is too much disparate content on the home page. On a smart phone you need to scroll through 17 current notices and then one past event until you can reach the Captain's Blog, I don't think that can be right, do you?

I can see the word count going up so I think we should move onto some bullet points now.

  • Club night this Friday 30 August will see the return of Alan Lovell, also that night we could see the 200 club draw live as it happens so don't miss out on that one.
  • Farewell to Summer will take place on Thursday 5 September, still time to put your name on the list and join in the fun.
  • Saturday 14th September, President's Day dinner, booking almost full, speak to Mark if you need help with booking.
  • Something odd has occurred on the Macmillan donation page which we will investigate, in the meantime please keep giving https://longestdaygolf.macmillan.org.uk/Team/captainpro
  • Captain Pro Challenges will return, Danny's pulled muscle has recovered.
  • Check out the website, really is some interesting stuff on there.


The club still has a lot to learn about introducing new members to club life but look what can happen if you just get stuck in and give it a go, brilliant and well done John,




Proof Read, written and performed by Europe™

Note to DB and Sherlock, can you see the link this week?

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Friday, 27 November 2020

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