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Warm Bank Holiday Weekend Greetings,

Denmark is behind us and the Bank Holiday ahead of us. I get that great feeling of being in profit as we approach a Bank Holiday do you?, it's all still in front of us and with this Autumnal break looking set fair, the prefect long weekend combo.

If you have missed any of the recent publicity, the club is offering a fun golf event on Bank Holiday Monday which is open to all. The format is a Texas Scramble which gives everyone a chance to shine and contribute to their team's result. Make up your own team of four or enter on your own and your team will be formed for you. This traditional event will be followed by the Wilson Putting Vase which almost anyone can win.

Friday week, 31 August, the ever so popular Alan Lovell will be performing for you at the club. We know how great this act will be and entry to enjoy Alan's performance is free.

OK, that's 2 examples of events coming up at the club, but here's the problem. How many members are aware of either or both of these forms of entertainment on offer at your club. How many members will be aware in sufficient time to make or change plans, invite friends and so on, sadly surprisingly few. Even when events which you may be interested in are publicised, how simple is it for you to subscribe or put your name down. Unfortunately, the answer appears to be in the quite difficult category. We really need to improve on publicity, which in its basic form is simply communication. I often can't believe how difficult, something apparently so simple, really can be.

You must have heard the comments, 'I didn't get the email', 'I didn't see the poster', 'no one told me about that', 'I don't read the stuff the club sends out', 'there is nothing on offer that I like' and a myriad of phrases on a similar theme. We really need to improve on this stuff so that the vast majority of members are aware of what is available, in a timely fashion so that informed decisions can be made. Maybe what's on offer doesn't suit you but you need the opportunity to make the decision. Based on that, we can determine what is popular and successful and what really drives the club membership to engage.

We are a golf club, which clearly defines the primary activity on offer, but a club is so much more than a single activity entity, or at least should be and also in our case, needs to be. The social scene at the club needs to as vibrant as the green of the grass on which we play. We haven't got this right yet, we are trying but we need ideas and feedback from members to help us. Let me know, let Stewart know, let Debbie know, let Judith know, let any committee member know. Anything that you think needs addressing, changing, adding or simply explaining is important, so please be active in your club.

I think you have all suffered enough, now let's get to some light relief few bullet points.

  • Bank Holiday Monday will see the Texas Scramble and Wilson Putting Vase plus other entertainment.
  • Club Night Friday 30th August sees the welcome return of the brilliant Alan Lovell, book your table early or just come on down.
  • The Pro Draw on 1 September will feature a Pro v. Captain Ryder Cup style team competition – entry seems complicated so just tell Danny you plan to play which will help with organisation or just turn up at 08:00 hrs for coffee and be selected for The Captain or Pro's team.
  • Farewell to Summer produced by the incomparable John White and his team will take place on Thursday 5 September, put your name on the list and join in the fun.
  • Saturday 14th September, President's Day dinner, booking almost full, speak to Mark if you need help with booking.
  • I am still flogging this nearly dead horse, it was too hard to let it go too easily. Thanks to those who have contributed so far and if you haven't, please consider it. If you want to contribute please use the link below, this will be most welcome https://longestdaygolf.macmillan.org.uk/Team/captainpro




Proof Read by Magnus Magnuson™ (well, at least he started and he finished)

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Friday, 27 November 2020

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