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Just a short report this week as I'm sunning myself in Glasgow! As I thought, access to the Internet is restricted, though I am impressed that they do in fact have electricity!


Well done to Shay Banim who, sporting a 'new' swing, scored 37 points to win division 1. Dave Morris and Rob Grover were one point behind.

Now here's a surprise, Andy Morris didn't win division 2 this week, mainly because I marked his card! The winner this week was John Crisford who scored 38 points. Nick Balnave came in second with 36. Andy, however, is still way out in front overall in the league with 218 points. Mind you, his lead has been reduced. Ethan Cameron is just 8 points behind on 210.

Lee Fickling

As you all know by now, Lee Fickling is leaving on Monday. We will be having a few drinks to wish him well, so come along and say goodbye. Be there for 5.00 p.m.

Turkey Trot

You can now sign up for the turkey trot on the PSI. The competition will be held on Sunday 17th so there will still be time to get your turkey before the big day!

Christmas Party

There are still spaces for the Christmas party on Saturday 16th. Eddie Cullen will be providing live entertainment. Should be a good do and if you need any further motivation, I can tell you that I'm now going!

That will have to be it for this week. I've got to find a pigeon to deliver this blog!

Speak next week.

Answer to last week's question: The other great professional at South Herts was Harry Vardon, 6 times winner of the Open. He was the professional at South Herts from 1902 until his death in 1937. The link with Bush Hill is that he gave us advice on how to lay out our new course back in 1912. Well done to Len Palmer for getting the right answer first.

Question: Staying with South Herts a little longer. Since 1959 they have organised and hosted a prestigious competition involving professional and amateur players. What is the name of the competition

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Sunday, 27 September 2020

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