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Captain's Announcements

26 July 2019

Space Is Not The Final Frontier

Die enim bona,

For once an actually correct greeting, unless of course any Latin scholars would disagree. Latin as an everyday language seems to have run its course and is no longer popular as it was back in Dick Emery's day. That's probably not overly surprising, since it was never terribly popular in the first place, particularly in Enfield and like most things in life, they are cyclical. The numbers for this Sunday's Captain's Guest Day are worryingly low, perhaps this event has seen better days, maybe it's no longer relevant as an event. We are acutely aware of the changes relating to golf and how it's played these days, perhaps Guest Days aren't so popular or did we simply fail to promote it efficiently or soon enough, did I fail to engage with enough members to persuade them to join in? The answer of course is a combination of all of the above and I take my fair share of responsibility for that. The important issue here is that next year is the club's 125th Anniversary, a very important milestone in the life of our club and whilst there will be other clubs out there celebrating in a similar fashion, it is a rare and delicate but ephemeral beast, and one to be rightly proud of. Big G will take over as Captain and he will require support from us members to make a success of the celebrations, please make sure you are one of them.

If you have read Danny's recent newsletter, you will have noticed that the spoiler alert button was not available. If you had pressed the button, the result of the recent Captain Pro Challenge could have been avoided and then seen here as a first. However, there was no button so you now know that Danny and I were victorious against Mr Graphene and his sidekick Ethan "Baby Face" Camereon. This was a truly delightful game, as was to be expected with such talented and entertaining opposition. From his report, you sort of know what happened, but due to modesty, Mr Hill failed to dwell on his 5 birdies over the back 9 which fundamentally crushed the life out of the challengers. Danny popped out of cruise control and into full attack mode, which resulted in a decent win, something which I was just happy to watch.

Now as a special treat, a slight delay in the publishing of the blog today has allowed me to report on the very latest Captain Pro Challenge, which was played this morning. This was a rearranged challenge which saw Dave (268) Morris team up with Dave "the Scientist" Boothroyd. The perennially effervescent Boy from Batley managed to evade the challenge once again, hence the "Scientist" stepped up to partner with (268). This turned out to be a wet affair with plenty of bite, which for once was not metaphorical. We were caught in numerous heavy showers, which actually were quite refreshing, with the bite provided in the main by a plethora of midges, on route North to Scotland. The sensationally competitive Davids battled it out with Danny for 11 holes or so, whilst I just watched. Then we had an epiphany and won 4 holes on the trot, which effectively broke the Davids's resolve, resulting with Danny and myself coming home 3 and 2. Despite the savage competition, this was a gentlemanly rivalry and the challengers were both gracious and generous in their charitable donations, well done and thank you David and David.

At last we are going to purchase a portable sound system which will enable us to run our own "in house discos". We have wanted to host member evenings of recorded music, to supplement the bigger entertainment events that have been put on so far. We have already had the 60's and 70's nights but the bar sound system is not really capable of providing the sound required for a bit of a boogie. The SSC will be purchasing a system which should be perfect for our requirements, with funding being a mix of donations and possibly a 200 Club contribution. We are always asking for money but if any section of the club or individuals would like to contribute towards the cost, this would be most welcome. Whilst on the SSC, I have emphasised the importance of Social to the club and I would like to thank Lynne Watts, Jed French and John White for their unwavering support and hard work this year, absolutely brilliant, thank you.

OK, time to call a halt to the ramblings and get on with the good stuff, the bullet points.

  • Day 2 of The Club Championships will be held on Saturday 27, followed by a presentation.
  • Sunday 28 July – Captain's Guest Day – Still time to enter, please let Stewart or Danny know.
  • Thursday 15 August our Seniors Open – Numbers are growing steadily.
  • New members continue to join, please make them feel welcome and help where you can.
  • The next Pro Draw will be held on Sunday 4 August – All members welcome New and Old
  • Keep checking emails and club newsletters and check out the new interactive from page of our website, it works a treat.
  • Thanks to all who have returned my lost balls.
  • Please continue to donate to the Macmillan Longest Challenge, link below;
  • https://longestdaygolf.macmillan.org.uk/Team/captainpro




Proof Read by Frank Fahrenheit 

Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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