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19 July 2019

Space – The Final Frontier


Mare Tranquillitatis,

Once again, perhaps not a technically correct greeting, this is in fact the location on the moon where Apollo 11 landed 50 years ago. I think it sounds quite calm and maybe could be adopted as a gentle morning greeting, or maybe not.

Personally, I find space and space exploration fascinating and absorbing. To have achieved the feat of travelling to the moon, landing and safely returning to Earth is something I still find utterly incredible. The technology employed in the Apollo 11 mission, compared to today's standards was almost non-existent. My golf trolley probably has more guidance technology than was employed in both the command and lunar modules, amazing. To land on the moon back then was only slightly less difficult than me scoring a hole-in-one but I am still trying.

The Captain Pro Challenge was correctly usurped by the Ladies Invitation last Sunday, which was a brilliant day for all who played. The ladies section organised the day perfectly, as usual and the required thanks were eloquently expressed on the day. It will be the chance for the men to reciprocate on 18 August and Big G will be running a single handed 3 line whip to ensure that once again, there will be more men than the ladies can handle. I may have expressed that poorly but I am sure you know what I mean. The next challenge for Danny and me will be this Sunday when we face a familiar foe, Iain "Graphene" Lanario and his faithful sidekick Ethan "Baby Face" Cameron. This challenge will follow the first day of the club championships so I am hoping they both wear themselves out on the Saturday, we will need every advantage we can get.

I would just quickly like to remind you that if you have not sponsored Danny and myself following our 4 round marathon on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support, you can still do so and the link below will take you to the specific donation page dedicated to our event which includes the option of gift aid being added if applicable,


Not surprisingly, I do have quite a lot more to say on several club matters but you have suffered enough so this will be carried over to another week.

Next are some bullet points for you to savour,

  • The Club Championships will be held on Saturday 20 and Saturday 27 July, including the highly popular Handicap Championship.
  • Sunday 28 July – Captain's Guest Day – posters are out. If you plan to play and bring a guest please let us know urgently, the event has the potential to be cancelled due to apparent lack of interest. I am hopeful that this is not the case so please inform us quickly of your intentions.
  • Thursday 15 August our Seniors Open, join in if you can, tell your mates at other clubs to join us, this will be a dry run in advance of a similar event to be held during our 125 Year celebration.
  • Keep an eye out for new members; John Killey, Tom Killey and John Coyle, our new induction and mentoring schemes should be operational soon, in the meantime please make them feel welcome.

Finally, I have purchased a new set of irons. The catalyst was the head flying off my 4 iron at the fifth tee, this being the second occurrence I decided it was time for a change so please keep a more vigilant lookout for my balls which may be distributed with a greater degree of variance soon.




Proof Read by Eaglehaslanded Inc.

Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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