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Captain's Announcements

12 July 2019

Return of the blog


The last two weeks have been blogless with regard to my literary output but fortunately not the case with Chris who has stalwartly continued in that vein, keeping us abreast of current club activities. Why were you so lucky to have a couple of weeks Captain's Blog free. Well, mostly because I was in recovery mode following the Macmillan 4 round challenge which I undertook with Danny. I know that quite a few of our members have recorded this feat previously and I offer my congratulations and respect for having done so without much fuss. I on the other hand found it really quite difficult, particularly trying to remain focused for the last round, since all of our rounds were classified as Captain Pro Challenges, requiring total concentration.

I would like to thank the 4 teams who provided Danny and I with challenges on the day. Everyone of the 8 guys played hard but offered us massive support and ultimately, enjoyment and satisfaction. We managed a win, a win, a draw and a loss in chronological order, which we were reasonably pleased with. All players contributed towards the charity as well as providing their time. Donations are still coming in but in all honesty, a little slower than I would have hoped for. The just giving page is still available, cash is accepted and we can also take cheques. We have collected more funds than is shown on the just giving page and we will provide a total in due course. In the meantime, if you can make a donation, please do.

Captain's Day was a welcome relief from the previous day's exertions and I was delighted to drive around in a buggy and hand out waters and beers to the very hot golfers who turned out to play. We had some very popular winners on the day, which included Jack Bidmead who won the Juniors category, nice one Jack. Our dinner in the evening was to the quality that we had been looking forward to and I must congratulate Simon and his entire team for delivering at the highest level, well done and thank you to you all.

Due to the lack of blog, the Captain Pro Challenge results have not been kept up to date. This must be rectified and the first match to report on was the challenge from Sam Winward and Joe Williams, better known as "The Youngsters". If you don't know them personally, I can tell you that these two young men are both charming and great ambassadors for our club, not to mention pretty decent golfers too. Despite a very spirited match I think that the sheer presence of Danny and his prodigious hitting uncoupled the resolve of the "Youngsters" a bit and we managed to chalk up another narrow victory. Time is a premium for us all but I hope to persuade the "Youngsters" to try and turn up occasionally for the Pro Challenge held on the first Sunday of each month, they will be a nice addition to the regulars. This invitation is extended to all members especially anyone new to the club.

The next challenge was a rearranged match which brought on the serious edge from Jon "competitions" Copley and Mike "perfectionist" Stainton. The game followed a recognisable pattern, Danny and I rapidly go 2 down and oscillate from 2 down to all square for the next 9 or 10 holes. Danny carried me for about 11 holes before I made a minor contribution. We gained a small foothold and somehow finally came out on top. This was a hard-fought challenge which brought out some high quality golf, where a birdie was not sufficient to win or even half one hole. However, this was a thoroughly enjoyable match and I must thank both Jon and Mike for the wonderful spirit which they infused into the game and a double donation from each of them towards the charity, thank you gentlemen. This Sunday's Challenge has been postponed in favour of the high-profile Ladies Invitation but normal service will be resumed shortly.

Despite a lack of blog, you are probably aware that more new members have joined, both playing and social, including a welcome return to some previous playing members. Our increasing numbers of new members are a reflection of the sustained hard work of our ground staff, professional management team and our Pro team plus of course you, our existing members, well done all of you. All clubs are fighting for new members, usually from within the same pool, members are the lifeblood and financial security of your club. At BHP we are bucking a local trend but we cannot become complacent and must continue the good work.

Okay, just a few but highly polished bullet points for you,

  • This Sunday is our Ladies Invitation – a prestigious and long-standing mixed event
  • The Club Championships will be held on Saturday 20 and Saturday 27 July, which now of course includes the highly popular Handicap Championship.
  • Sunday 28 July – Captain's Guest Day – posters are out please enter and bring some guests
  • Thursday 15 August is our own Seniors Open, join in if you can, this will be a dry run in advance of a similar event to be held during our 125 Year celebration.
  • Keep an eye open for some super entertainment planned by the SSC, which will see us spill out onto the terrace, weather permitting – coming your way very soon

I'm pretty sure I have missed some stuff so apologies, I need to get back into the swing quickly.




Proof Read by Bill Sabrerattle

Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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