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14 June 2019


Another week, another blog. How long can we put up with this rubbish? Probably not too much longer but for anyone interested enough to be reading or still taking anything in, the remarkable news is that there only remain eleven weeks of my captaincy before Big G takes over. Which suggest that if I don't miss a week, you only have to tolerate eleven more blogs, well, near enough anyway.

It will not be long before I descend into a morbid retrospect of my year as your club captain, however, thankfully for all of us, that is not happening today. However, as I sit here with a play list on in the background, the speakers are currently emitting Johann Sebastian Bach's little number, St. Mathew Passion, BWV 244 Part 1, which is beautifully melancholy and is triggering retrospective thoughts. Wait a second, now we are on to Oye Como Va by Santana and equilibrium is restored, or do I mean requiem is restored, oh it doesn't matter, let's move on.

This next matter is aimed fairly and squarely at our golfing fraternity and is not really what we want to report on at BHP. There have been 2 or 3 and maybe more incidences of faster playing matches not being called through by some gentlemen 4 ball matches. As much as I love detail, this narrative shall remain bereft but if a faster playing format, especially if it's a club match, is waiting behind you, whether it's male, female or a mixed group, please call them through, you know it makes sense.

A blog is not a blog without a Captain Pro Challenge match report. Fortunately, we have a match report this week but for copyright and commercial reasons some details must be withheld. The challenge was posed by none other than the dynamic duo themselves, no not that one but our own Iain Lanario and his side kick Andrew Corden. I think that Danny and I recorded our usual first hole score of a loss but actually, I can't really remember for sure since I don't think I figured in the hole at all, but I may be getting a bit mixed up with the Frinton game. Anyway, the game progressed fairly smoothly with Danny's class showing as we eased into a small, but well formed lead. At the time, I was expecting a real surge from the dynamic duo which didn't really transpire. Looking back, I think Andrew didn't want to upset anyone and Iain was secretly working on his latest Graphene inspired umbrella and lost a bit of concentration on the game. All this suited Danny and me quite nicely, as we managed to battle home as 4 and 2 victors. Regardless of the result, this was a genuinely brilliant game to be involved in. You won't get nicer guys than Iain and Andrew and it was a pleasure to be in their company. Our next challenge has been postponed so nothing this week but we resume the following week to face the youth squad of Sam Winward and Joe Williams. I hope Danny gets down the gym, we will need all his power to tackle those two boys, so wish us luck.

On the subject of youth, Lynne Watts is promoting and producing her version of a 70's night at the club this Saturday. You can book in for food or just rock up and soak up the 70's ambiance. Lynne's in house disco evenings are going to catch on, shear unadulterated fun in the decades of handbag dancing and murders on the dance floor, marvellous. Unfortunately, our in house sound system is also a bit 70's but we are working on that, in the meanwhile, if you have a decent PA system we could borrow for a while please let Lynne, Stewart or myself know.


Saturday 29 June will be Captains Day at the club. There will be the usual Captain's Day competitions available on Saturday morning, with the usual prizes, for the usual winners but don't let hat put you off playing, you could be a winner too. Sadly, the run of bad luck with the Bombardier Bus and the Hobgoblin truck continues and neither will be serviceable for us on the day. However, our brewery Marstons will not let us down. There will be a pop up external bar for anyone in need of a beer after their game, for which of will of course there will be no charge, so enjoy yourselves. The event in the evening will be quite special. We will start with pre-dinner drinks and canapés, hopefully on the terrace. Next will be a sumptuous and elegant dinner in the restaurant upstairs which will equal the quality delivered at the recent Past Captain's Dinner, which was exceptional. This will all be followed by a right royal rave up downstairs, dancing and listening to the internationally acclaimed DJ CARLSBERG. Due to the intricacy and quality of the menu combined with the kitchen limitations, we need to restrict the numbers dinning. Even though we have pushed this out a bit further than we should, we must limit the numbers to 70, which is a shame but we have no option. May I recommend that you book as soon as possible to secure your place. The menu and further details will follow next week but you can and should reserve your table now.

Once again, I don't have the new member details but as usual they will be provided by Stewart and his team as soon as possible. As you may have noticed, our membership initiatives have proved very successful and whilst we can accommodate some more golfing members, the social membership numbers are under review. We need to get the balance right to be able to offer all of our members the best possible club experience so we need to be aware of overall numbers to ensure that we provide the quality of service that BHP is becoming renowned for.

There's so much more to report but we really do need to call a halt and get down to the bullet points;

· Next Social Mixed golf Friday 5 July, ideal number 24 players so book in early or see Big G.

· Lynne Watts 70's night, Saturday 15 June, bring your handbag.

· The Luther Smith Round 2 at Enfield Saturday 15 June, prize giving 5pm please try to be there COYBHP.

· Kate Garner will be with us at the club on Friday Club Night 21 June, check out the posters.

· Johnny White and Co. present Mid Summer Madness on Thursday 27 June – Posters are up and the details are out, try not to miss this, there aren't many like this anymore.

· Captain's Day Saturday 29 June – Guaranteed brilliance or complaints care of DJ Spooney Mikey Coughlan.

· Seniors open at the club 15 August – dry run before next year's 125th Anniversary so please sign up and get some mates in too.

· DB, can you spot the links this week, how about you Sherlock?




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