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6 June 2019

BLOG ALERT – Slightly low key

Hi to All Members,

If last week was rapid, this week has been decidedly odd for me, maybe it's been the same for you? I think that the recent European football finals may have taken their toll on some people. The Champions League final last Saturday, clashed with the 60's night at the club and despite a pleading call from Aleksander Čeferin to postpone our event, Lynne Watts went full steam ahead. Everyone that attended had a brilliant night and the 40 or so who did so, probably didn't dent the viewing figures too much so Aleksander need not have worried. Congratulations Lynne on forging on and not cancelling the event, this definitely concurs with our philosophy.

Whilst at times it can feel a bit of an uphill slog, the club is extending its opening evenings and offering food, drink and entertainment on Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturdays that do not have prior external bookings. The goal is open your club to us members as much as possible, to provide evenings out that are not only enjoyable but are helping to build a sustainable future for your club. Once the weather finally warms up, we will be able to turn up at the club, spill out onto the front terrace and enjoy a gin and tonic, or whatever you fancy with some friends whilst overlooking the wonderful spectacle of our course. You will soon be able to drop in on any of 4 evenings a week and in my opinion what we have, must top any other venue in Enfield and possibly even farther afield.

Communication is still proving a tough nut to crack but please keep your eyes open for emails, posters leaflets and possibly me wearing a sandwich board and if you find something that you may enjoy, please tell your mates, they will probably enjoy it too.

The Pro Draw (not yet re-rebranded) on Sunday was a little light on numbers but proved to be a perennial winner, which was topped off after the game with John "200 Club" Worrell, providing light entertainment on his laptop. John had perfected his electronic randomiser and conducted the first quarterly 200 Club draw in front of the enthralled Pro Draw players. One particular player in the Pro Draw was very happy since he drew the top prize of £500. Naturally Martyn Lainchbury swore us to secrecy and paid for it by buying drinks all round. Nice one Mart.

Following an in depth audit, it appears that there are a few places now available in the 200 Club so please see John to sign up. This is a brilliant initiative since in addition to cash prizes, the 200 Club provides funding for many projects and essentials at the club. Things like the PSI screens, course ball cleaners and more recently a £2000 contribution which enabled the hire of a tree spade which allowed 5 trees to be relocated from rather dormant areas to prominence between the 9th and 10th fairways. Keep it up John and don't forget to sign up if you aren't already in.

Finally, just briefly, I was pleased to be invited to the Past Captain's Cup and dinner on Tuesday. I thoroughly enjoyed the golf match, although it was pointed out with reasonable vigour that not being a past captain meant I could not win the trophy. I pointed out with diplomacy that I couldn't win it anyway. However, I must reveal that I played a supersonic front 9 that was as amazing and mysterious to me as it was my playing partners. The dinner which followed was certainly of a fitting quality and was possibly my best dining experience at the club, ever. This was majestically organised by David Morris (268), choosing a great menu which was superbly delivered by Simon and Roy, well done gentlemen. This experience alone should be enough to convince anyone eligible to take up the Captaincy. Just for the record, the competition was won by Len "Peaky Blinder" Palmer, congratulations Len.

Sorry, I don't have the new member details, they will be inserted elsewhere so now on to a couple of bullet points.

· Social Mixed golf on Fridays has proved successful and will continue.

· Lynne Watts survived the 60's night and is planning a 70's night, look out for details.

· The Luther Smith is closed.

· Kate Garner is performing for us on Friday Club Night 21 June – more details to follow.

· Rushing up soon, Mid Summer Madness on Thursday 27 June – Posters and details to follow.

· Captain's Day Saturday 29 June – please try to keep this date free for golf and evening entertainment, as usual more details to follow.

à bientôt,



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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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