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30 May 2019

BLOG ALERT – No alert required this week

Hi All,

Well, that was a pretty rapid week, probably exacerbated by the inclusion of Bank Holiday Monday. You know, we can sometimes struggle at the club to be active on Bank Holidays and I know that some members consider such days as family time and cannot commit to club activities. Probably for a plethora of reasons, the Bush Hill Grouse Texas Scramble was not heavily attended and although I hope we can improve on this in the future, I would like to know from you what would make a Bank Holiday more appealing for you at your club. Maybe different golf formats, different timings or perhaps more family interaction and entertainment, possibly allowing you to play whilst the family also have fun at the club. We are working hard on ideas that may be entertaining but please let me know your thoughts if you could.

I managed to play 72 holes over Saturday and Sunday, which was a shock to the system but masochistically enjoyable. I bombed in the Grandfather's Cup in the morning, won a Rose Bowl match with Tracey in the afternoon, Captain Pro Challenge Sunday morning with a Maytime Greensomes in the afternoon. Despite only success in the game with my wife, I really enjoyed playing in all of the matches, particularly so since our course is in excellent condition, yes we have some areas which require attention but Graham and his team are really pulling the course into great shape, well done guys.

I guess I can't prevaricate any further, the Captain Pro Challenge analysis needs to be addressed. Firstly, this was a kind of reverse challenge in as much that Danny and I challenged the challengers, if that makes sense. As winners of one of our cups last year, Ethan Cameron and Oz Hassan were asked by us to take up a challenge, which they did. If you have read Danny's ever improving Pro News Letter, (recently rebranded as Your Weekly Golf News) you will know that despite clawing our way back from 3 down on the back 9 to all square after 17, we could not resist the Kevlar stiff willpower and skill of Ethan and Oz. They are a formidable pair and great to play against, thank you guys, super fun and you deserved the victory.

This Sunday we return to the Pro Draw (not yet re-rebranded) with the added attraction of a 200 Club Draw. John Worrell will be performing an electronic randomised draw, without the aid of a safety net, which I am looking forward to. I understand that following a thorough overhaul, the 200 Club membership has been fully audited and John has space for I think 20 or so additional members. If you want to join and help towards a good cause, please speak to John and he will be able to sort you out and also explain the intricacies and origin of the Andy Calley Cup, which as a member of the 200 Club you automatically become eligible.

One of my favourite bits of my blog is announcing new members. Due to timing issues I am not always aware of our new members prior to publication, although this is usually addressed by the professional team who seamlessly insert new member details somewhere in the newsletter. This week is another good week, we have the return of that cheeky boy Nick Lewis, one time of this parish and who you may remember previously as one of our favourite bar tenders. Nick returns as a full member in the 18 to 23 category and is a welcome returner of very good golfing heritage, good to see you back Nick.

We also welcome Guy into our fold. Slightly unfortunately, I don't have any more details to hand about Guy but this gives us another reason to meet up with him and find out all about him. Guy, please note we have the Pro Challenge this Sunday, a draw for partners which teams anyone with anyone and is a great introduction and way to meet your new fellow members. Hopefully we will see you at the clubhouse at 8.00am on Sunday morning.

Breaking News

Finally, we can announce that some important missing golfing memorabilia will be re-installed in the bar. Rather belatedly, but better late than never, the following will be installed as soon as possible;

1. The Bush Guarders and Bush Nationals plaques will be fixed prominently to the wall adjacent to the photo wall. Following negotiations, this was deemed to be the best location and I apologise for the delay in the return of these icons to their rightful home.

2. The President's prize will be fixed to the wall in the golf zone in the bar, to be admired by all.

3. Following a 1000 signature petition, the Captain's Bell will return to the bar, similarly this will be located in the golf zone and will enable the ladies to command attention with all the demure they deserve and it will save me from whistling rather uncouthly too.

All of the above will happen very soon, and will be in the capable hands of DM(268).

Anyone got an appetite for some bullet points ?

· Social Mixed golf on Fridays has proved successful and will continue.

· Lynne Watts is still stalwartly continuing with 60's music evening on Saturday 1 June – well done Lynne.

· THIS IS SECRET – The carvery returns and will be accompanied with sophisticated background music, performed by Harry J Steele, got to be worth a try.

· The Luther Smith is open now – PLEASE SIGN UP.

· Kate Garner performing for us on Friday Club Night 21 June – more details to follow.

· Pro Draw on Sunday 2 June, with added attraction of the 200 Club Draw

· Rushing up soon, Mid Summer Madness 2019 – Posters and details to follow.

See you,



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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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