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Captain's Announcements


Morning/Good afternoon/Good evening, (delete as appropriate)

The Captain's Away Day to Goodwood last Sunday and Monday is certainly not the only event in town, it's not the most important and unfortunately, it's not the most inclusive but there is no denying that it was damn good fun. Having been steeped in the inception and organisation, I still thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent away but it's one of those weird ones where it's almost vicarious entertainment. The more fun the guys had, the better I enjoyed myself.

We were very fortunate with the weather, I remember a single cold wet spot landing on a follically challenged area of my bonce, other than that it was a pleasant melange of sun and clouds. Decent weather, two great courses, 40 blokes, a few beers and some sticks with metal lumps on the end, as Paul Harris would say, what could possibly go wrong. Well, amazingly, nothing.

There were some really funny moments but #WGOTSOT so I will just dribble some of the great moments out as time goes by.

However, there were two sad moments, both occurred just before we started. A text from Andy "Smiley" Gerrad informed me on the day before that he would need to withdraw since his mother in law, Dorothy had become gravely ill. Sadly she passed away on Sunday and whilst Andy was missed, we were heartened to know that he and his wife were with Dorothy at her final hour.

If you remember the logo and strapline on Lyle's Golden Syrup tins, "out of the strong came forth sweetness", similarly Simon Lanario stepped forward to fill the breach and there is no doubt that both Andy and Simon fit the sentiment. I think Simon enjoyed himself and he insisted on paying his way. Andy refused a refund and requested that this be donated to this year's Charity, Macmillan. Nothing more to be said.

More sad news was that the Grufalow himself, AKA John Hayes suffered a heart attack on the night before the trip but still managed to text Martyn to let us know. A couple of stents and some sharp pains later and fortunately John is now convalescing with his family. The recovery may take some time but we are confident that John will be back with us shortly. Meanwhile John, every one of us sends you are very best wishes.

To the best of my knowledge the club does not have anyone who fills an almoner style role or keeps us aware of when members become unwell. I guess this is not normally formalised in clubs and is left to individuals to pass around information. Unfortunately, with such a large 'family' we will always have some members who are suffering and I don't know who they all are but I think I should tell you what I do know in that regard;

Dave Hudson – Dave is recovering from an emergency operation performed whilst on a Turkey golfing trip

John Guinea – Recovering from a road traffic accident

There will be others that you know of that are not in top form and our best wishes go out to them, together with the guys above for a swift and full recovery.

Returning to a lighter vein, we welcome at least one new member this week, David McDowell who joins us as a 5 day member. Brilliant timing David, I think the Rabbits are short next week. All other new members that I am not yet aware of will be noted in the club newsletter.

We are racing into the more golffy section of the year and the competitions are flowing nicely. We have some great golfing treats coming up and Danny and I face the return of the Captain Pro Challenge on Sunday. I wouldn't say we face a stiff challenge but it's something up in the Kevlar range. We face Ethan Cameron and Oz Hassan, both of whom have been honing their skills for the last 2 months, I hope Danny will be on form, it will be our only hope.

Sorry, there is loads of stuff to report this week but some will need to wait due to a strict embargo on blog length but I must just say thank you to Danny for just being Danny at Goodwood, the guy is a genuine star but just slightly ahead of him, all the guys that came on the trip and who supported me and more importantly your club, thank you and well done every one of you.

Anyone got stamina enough for some bullet points ?

· Social Mixed golf on Friday 24 May – Big G is your man to see about this fun event.

· Mixed Maytime Greensomes on Sunday 26 May – Janet and Mark are your contacts

· The Bush Hill 'Grouse' Texas Scramble on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May will be super fun, enter anyway you want or can, on paper, online or see Jon Copley, either as a team or individually.

· Lynne Watts is stalwartly continuing with 60's music evening on Saturday 1 June despite a clash with the Champions League final that night, should be plenty of Gooners in attendance for this one.

· The Luther Smith is open now and we want to put out a massive field this year following some criticism received from the opponents last year – PLEASE SIGN UP

· Kate Garner performing for us on Friday Club Night 21 June – more details to follow.

· The Carvery will make a long awaited guest return on Sunday 7 July - more details to follow.

See you all very soon,



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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements

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Guest - Ann Gray on Friday, 24 May 2019 17:09

Just read Captains Blog,thanks Rat !!!
So sorry to hear about the guys give them my brst,tell them keep smiling.

Just read Captains Blog,thanks Rat !!! So sorry to hear about the guys give them my brst,tell them keep smiling.
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Friday, 05 June 2020