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17 May 2019

Hello Dear Member,

I am addressing my blog directly to you in complete confidence this week, with the full knowledge that your discretion will mean that the following will not become common knowledge.

I was fortunate enough to be picked for the Bush Hill Park team to play in the match on Wednesday at Frinton Golf Club against their WAGS. No, this does not mean what you think, or unfortunately what I had thought either, it seems the acronym stands for 'Wednesday Afternoon Golfers'.

The spritely Sé Banim, who sports dual membership at BHP and Frinton, arranges an annual reciprocal challenge match and I was fortunate to be selected for first leg, being the away game. I was paired up with 'Stormin' Norman Carey and despite our exemplary drives on the first hole, which we subsequently won in par, we lost our match but fortunately BHP won the game overall.

We said our goodbyes to the WAGS and I set off for home with Nick Balnave in shotgun. We filled up at the fuel station and returned to Winchmore Hill in very good time. I dropped Nick off, drove home and unloaded my golf equipment which seemed ominously light. It soon became fully apparent that something was not right when I could not locate my holdall and shoe bag. The shocking realisation dawned on me that they were both sitting comfortably in the men's changing rooms in Frinton, not a good feeling. I needed the items left in the changing rooms for the weekend and so steeled myself for another journey straight back down to Frinton.

Sè has a grand mansion in Frinton overlooking the sea and I expected him to be staying over, so I called him to enquire how I could gain access if the club were to be closed when I arrived. To my great surprise and eternal relief, Sè informed me that he was returning to Winchmore Hill himself and would turn around, collect my things and drop them off later to my house. Which is exactly what he did, what a gentleman, cheers Sè.

This little faux pas is of course our secret and I am hoping that this polus a failure to win will not prevent 'Stormin' and me being selected for the home game on Wednesday June 12.

Next and definitely not secret is a continuation of our success in recruiting new members, within all categories, playing and social. I am aware of two new full members this week, Guy Payne and Johan Van de Merve. Guy joins us with help from our own John Mather, joining us shortly after Alex Mather, well done John in helping to recruit new members in the sub 30 year old category. Johan is slightly older but will still help to bring down the average age at the club. Welcome to you both and I really look forward to seeing you at the club soon and hopefully at the next Pro Draw in June. As usual, apologies if you joined this week and have not been mentioned yet, it will happen.

We are trying to improve our induction and information programme for new members. We have fallen down on this over the last couple of years, possibly due to the changes in the joining process. For many reasons we no longer have an interview panel and maybe we did not realise how this helped the introduction of new members. We understand the importance of supporting new members and we are working on a system which will provide what new members require to get them integrated and comfortable as quickly as possible. This is taking longer than was hoped but once in place should provide a robust framework which will work for many years. Thank you to all who have recently given feedback on this matter, we will improve.

OK just a few bullet points for you this week;

  • The Social Mixed golf continues on Friday 24 May – Big G is the man to see about this fun event.
  • Mixed Maytime Greensomes on Sunday 26 May – Janet and Mark are your contacts for this competition.
  • The Bush Hill 'Grouse' Texas Scramble on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May is another note for your diary, more details to follow.
  • Lynne Watts is producing a 60's music evening on Saturday 1 June with authentic Scampi in a Basket food available – the first of our Saturday night member evenings, more details to follow.
  • The Luther Smith will open soon and you will be able to enter even if you cannot play on both weeks, although you will only be eligible to win the week you play and not the competition overall – more details to follow but please see Jon Copley for a better explanation of the changes.
  • Our first Thursday themed food night went off well last night and sets the tone for more, the next is 'Grill Night' on Thursday 30 May – please try it out and book in early.
  • Following the very successful 'Swinging Blue Jean' we will have Kate Garner performing for us on Friday Club Night 21 June, which should be equally good fun – more details to follow.
  • Captain's Away Day this Sunday and Monday and promises to be a hoot but no stories will be leaked, #WGOTSOT.
  • Apologies again to Judith for late delivery, I really, really must try harder.

See you all soonish,



GlowingBlogs@Magnoxreactors Inc.

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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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