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10 May 2019


We returned from Lymington in good order and managed to miss the really nasty weather conditions earlier on Saturday so, all was looking good for a golf fest, with the Pro Draw on Sunday and Charity Day on Bank Holiday Monday.

The numbers for the Pro Draw were always going to be challenged. We had 15 men going away on Sunday to Turkey plus a minimum of two four ball matches out on the course. The resulting 14 rocking up for the draw was therefore not unexpected, nor too bad. The positive was that there were about 4 doughnuts each at the hut. Thank you to all who turned up and in particular one of our winners, Richard Blyth who donated his winnings to Macmillan our Captain's Charity this year. I would also like to mention the gentleman himself, Tom Ackland who donated to the cause and asks for nothing in return, Top men, thank you both. I know there are others who have given donations, raffle prizes and their valuable time, it was a great effort by all, thank you very much.

Before we move on to Charity Day, I can report that we can again welcome a new member this week, Alex Mather, who joins us as a full member, welcome Alex. I wonder if any of our sharper, sleuth like members can work out who is Alex's father and this challenge is extended to our own resident Sherlock Holmes. We sometimes have new members that I haven't yet heard about so welcome to anyone else who has joined us this week.

On to Charity Day, which although was a bit chilly was much better weather than might have been expected. Organising big events takes some doing and I would like to issue a massive thank you to everyone who helped put this event together. There are genuinely too many individuals to mention, you all know who you are, even if I don't, but please accept my deepest felt thanks. Having said that, I would like to mention a few groups and individuals who went above and beyond the call of duty, not to be confused with The Line of Duty, which ultimately was not as spectacular as our Charity Day.

So, I think just a few mentions are in order. Obviously, our brilliant ground staff who worked super late to present our course in a beautiful condition, thank you to all of you guys. Also, Mark Watts and John Worrell who insisted that the 9th and 10th holes be improved by installing fully grown trees on the margins of both fairways. They look great now and will only improve with time, a splendid effort gentlemen. I must thank our F&B team as a whole, which now of course is integrated and extends from front of house through to our catering staff. A talented and enthusiastic team who really helped make the day special, thank you. Naturally I extend my thanks to Stewart, our truly unsung hero, thanks for fixing some things that went wrong but went unspotted, well done that boy. I cannot forget Pam and Tony Brookman who turned up early to ensure that registration went smoothly, thank you both and what did you do with all the left over chocolate bars?

I have probably missed out some who deserve to be mentioned, for which I apologise and end now with the Pro Team. This bunch are led by Danny Hill a very talented golfer, of indomitable spirit and generosity. Danny took on the dual role of Beat The Pro and acted as hut attendant and turned out to be pretty special at both. Not many of those who saws his 4 iron shot rise from the ladies tee on the 13th which landed very softly, with back spin, close to the pin, will ever forget it. Danny, it's great to see that our time together in the Captain Pro Challenge hasn't been wasted. We are indeed fortunate to have Danny at BHP, thank you for all that you have done for us so far and I am looking forward to playing with you more over the summer, well done.

However, I cannot end my thanks without mentioning the real stars of the day, yes all of you who turned up and played. We had 22 or 23 teams, no one really knows but it was a day made super, simply with your attendance. Commiserations to the three who were lumbered with me and better luck next time. Finally, I must mention Giovanni who has more friends than anyone deserves and brings a whole load along on Charity Day, thank you Sir.

Once Stewart has finished counting the cost of the day, we will be able to announce how much has raised been raised for this worthy charity.

Sadly, I could not attend Club Night last Friday and therefore missed the performance of the last Swinging Blue Jean in captivity. All reports have expressed how great the performance was and I will try to catch him on a future occasion. Music nights will continue, both in full on and pop up format, keep a watch out for both.

You now deserve some bullet points which I promise will be short but important;

· The Social Mixed golf continues but will be on a Friday in future commencing Friday 24 May – this now coincides with Club Night so remember to book a table for your favourite after golf food.

· Entry for the Luther Smith will open soon and Jon has negotiated something slightly different this year to make it easier for everyone to join in, so please look out for details of this event.

· Our first Thursday themed food night will be on 16 May, please book in early, it will be a full house.

· I will be playing golf this Saturday and there will be a free space, if your sense of humour extends that far feel free to join us.

Thank you all and see you soon,



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Proof Read by Klingons

Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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