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2 May 2019


Bonjour tous les mondes,

Great news, this will be the shortest blog on record. Tracey, Will and I are away in Lymington for a few days, sharpening up our sailing skills ahead of Captain's Charity Day on Monday. The weather looks dry and cool for the Bank Holiday, not too bad for golfer and non-golfers alike.

If you have entered for Charity Day or donated prizes or your time, thank you very much and as we speak there may still be time for you to contribute or join in the fun.

Now straight into the result of last week's Captain Pro Challenge. It's amazing but every challenge delivers a momentous moment of some kind and last week was no exception and was dominated by the "Line Dancer", Lucy Bidmead who scored a hole-in-one on the 13th. In terms of the match it put the brakes severely on the progress of your Captain and Professional but Lucy's partner Sara (Utility bucket hat in white) and Danny and myself all went crazy when the ball went into the hole. Truth is, the shot looked good and was rolling nicely on the green, I think Lucy, Sara and I turned away, seeing that the shot was good and safe but not our experienced Pro, he knew something special was afoot and saw the ball into the hole. It was truly special and really made the day, plus for the record, Danny and I came away victorious 3 and 1.

We have at least 2 new Lifestyle members this week, Frank Fallon and Kyley Bland, welcome to Bush Hill Park gentlemen, may I congratulate you on your impeccable taste in golf clubs. I am also delighted to hear that Kyley was originally a social member so was well aware of the quality of BHP.

A couple of Bullet Points for you this week,

  • We have the Pro Draw this Sunday, if you are available please come along, we may be running some special electronic randomiser draws.
  • The Social Mixed golf was a great success and Big G will be arranging more events, keep your eyes open for that please.
  • In case you missed it above, well done Lucy Bidmead, hole-in-one on the 13th, marvelous.
  • Tonight is Music Night, when read today – have a great time, sadly I will miss this one.
  • The themed food nights are starting 16 May and will progress every two weeks, let's see if we can maintain the fun momentum and gets this as a must in the diary.
  • I will not be playing golf again this Saturday, sorry boys, I shall be in Lymington.
  • Jack and Holly's wedding was brilliant and much less messy that anticipated – red wine lips, nice.

See you all soon,




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