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26th April 2019 (1984)



The predicted warm air bubble, akin to the South Sea Bubble, came and went. I hope you made the most of the warm air and sunshine wherever you could. It certainly added another dimension to my golf, attire wise and ball flight wise, I imagine you had similar experiences. We have lost the unseasonally warm temperatures and gained some rain but we have not returned to the 2.5˚C early morning welcome, so that's good.

You know, it's just weird the way things can go. Last week I included some name checks for Colin Lynes and almost subliminally for a club favourite social member, Alan Crocker. Can you believe it, I bumped into Alan on Friday at Club Night and on Saturday morning, having ejected Dave Turner at the 13th, Colin Lynes joined our 3 ball. To top it off, I passed on information regarding the success of our membership recruitment and you can guess what happens next, this week, no one joins, although I haven't had all of this week's data yet to confirm this. They say you can't make it up and I don't think even I could.

The Captain Pro Challenge will resume this Friday, with another all female team stepping up. Danny and I will be facing the full impact of Lucy "Line Dance" Bidmead and Sara "Hats" Rees. Yes, I know that Lucy has yet to expose us to her full line dance routine but it is coming. As for Sara, will it be the Utility Bucket or the elegant straw floppy, I guess time will tell but whatever they throw at us, we will be ready, probably. The results will filter through in the fulness of time.

The club has been delayed in the issue of the golfing subscription renewal packs. It's a shame you don't have them yet but they are worth waiting for. As you probably know, the reciprocal club playing arrangements have been continued again this, with Hendon, Mill Hill and North Middlesex providing you with 4 free rounds at each course. Stewart has other goodies planned for you in the pack and with Dawn now fully on board we can expect them to be issued imminently.

We have 2 new members to welcome this week. David Skelton is our New Golfing Member and Judith Pons is our New Member of Staff. Please check out the latest Bush Telegraph which contains an interview with Judith, conducted by Frank Farmer, giving us a flavour of what may be to come.

One come is and one goes out. After 10 years of service to Bush Hill Park, Anne is hanging up her apron. Anne has promised that the new 21st century bar with LED lighting, was not the final straw, nor the unreasonable demands of our captain but purely a need for new surroundings, which will be absolutely beautiful at her new home near Exeter. Good luck and Bon Voyage Anne, you will be missed.


Charity Day will be with us on Monday 6 May and I have still not made sufficient exertions in this regard. If you can play on the day pleased register a team or just yourself and a team will be arranged for you. The cost has been kept the same as last year and any guests that you bring will pay the same, there is no green fee charge on Charity Day. We need a few more teams so please see what you can do to help. Also, please drop off any raffle prizes that you can donate to the club office, thank you.


For those of us who play at the club regularly on a Sunday, you will have noticed the steady increase in course utilisation recently. Better weather naturally brings out more members but we have also seen a significant increase in green fee players too. Green fees as we all know are a valuable income stream for the club and a source of potential members, so we should be pleased to see our course chosen by these players but clearly a balance must be struck whereby our members are not prevented from taking up their desired playing rights. This situation is under constant scrutiny to maintain this balance but you may not realise that our green fee rate on Sunday is £40 per round. We have some great data on this topic but I will leave it to Billie Newland and Stewart to provide much greater detail for you in due course. However, please remember that you have the ability to book a tee time up to 2 weeks in advance to ensure you get the tee time that you may want. If you are having problems with tee times please let Stewart, Danny or myself know so that we can investigate and resolve it for everyone.

Now, just a few Bullet Points this week,

  • Big G organised the Texas Scramble mixed social golf event for this Thursday 25 April.It was hoped that a few more players would have signed up by now but with Easter and the cold weather returning, some may have decided to give it a miss this week. You are welcome to come along at late notice but please book in if possible since it makes it easier for the organiser and our catering requirements. Graham will continue running the event, which is great because we are sure that it will return to popularity again, it just needs a little time.
  • Congratulations to Sean Nugent, who has done what very few have done and scored a hole in one in competition at BHP. A super soft draw on the 16th gave Sean an ace during the Spring Kruger Sovereign, magic. (No I haven't had one, yes my wife has)
  • For those who keep abreast of the email information sent from the club will have seen that we a Pop-Up performer at this week's Friday Club Night. Harry Steele will be performing from around
  • The SSC have booked acts for music nights and we will also continue the theme of Pop-Up performances, as and when we can, just to keep you on your toes.
  • The mixed Spring Trophy will be competed for on this Sunday 28 April, I think you can still enter if you contact Janet or Mark very quickly.
  • Len Palmer claimed his drink from me having completed reading last week's blog, nicely spotted and well done Len – this offer has now been closed.
  • I will not be playing golf this Saturday, sorry boys, I shall be attending the wedding of Jack Avent and Holly Marven but I will be playing in the Spring Trophy on Sunday.
  • Have you spotted anything in the blog this week DB?
  • RUMOUR ALERT – Iain Lanario has been seen experimenting with super cooled Graphene, could this mean a return of Fabric of the Week?

See you soon,




Proof Read by George Orwell LLP

Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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