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19 April 2019 (43574.00)


Easter Greetings,

I think for many of us, Easter ranks as the best time of the whole year. The welcome warm air bubble will provide a closeted environment for us to enjoy golf, gardening and shopping. The predicted 15 degree Celsius swing with a full sun will certainly provide much enjoyment for the long weekend.

The great weather also brings more new members to the club, golfing and social. I know of three new Lifestyle Members who we welcome this week, Andrew Anderson, Michael Fallon and Terry Braithwaite. Again, apologies to those new members who I have missed out but I look forward to meeting all of you in due course.

Without showing any undue favouritism, I would like to welcome back Colin Lynes to the club in an active golfing capacity. Colin has been a stalwart of the club but illness intervened, curtailing his activities, but now he is back, brilliant.

The heart, soul and lifeblood of any club are of course the members. Following several years of membership net losses, BHP seems to be bucking the National trend and delivered net membership increases last year and we are predicting the same for this year. BHP is definitely the place to be for golfers and social members and is the club of choice in the locality, for now at least. No matter how well your club is performing and is successful in member attraction, it is hard work and requires constant attention to remain at the forefront in this regard. Therefore I must congratulate our management team, the SSC and also our existing members for spreading the word and attracting a growing and great bunch of new members. Your committees and our professional team are constantly working on new member initiatives to improve our welcome and information for our new members.

Just for the record, below is a schedule of new members this year to date;

4 x Full

1 x 31-33

3 x 24-30

1 x 18-23

3 x Juniors

17 x Lifestyle

72 x Social

What about us old members, what do we get? Who said that, was it Mr Littler at the back? Well, apart from languishing as a long-standing member of a superior club, there are other benefits. The renewal packs will be issued very shortly, which will include even more benefits than last year and with our newly refurbished bar, quality in-house catering and a fast growing social scene, what more could you possibly want? Actually, we really do want to know, we need your feedback on your club to improve and push us further forward, so please keep in contact with Stewart, myself or any committee member of your fancy.

The "Allen Twins" Turn The Screw

Last Friday afternoon, the club was the scene of much passion, blood, sweat and tears. You've guessed it, Danny and I were overthrown and registered another defeat, I think our third in total. The truth is that the game was an absolute cracker. The lead swung regularly both ways and I don't recall it being more than one hole at any time. The "key" to the "Allen Twins" success was clearly vested with the Jack, the younger member of their partnership. Strictly for the record, Jack is Graeme's son, not his brother but he was the dominant male in their partnership and frankly deserved victory for his outstanding performance on the 18th hole. We were coming up the 18th, remarkably all square and with it all to play for when Jack unleashed a tremendous drive, which unfortunately resulted in his ball being buried in long grass beyond the first bunker up the hill. Danny and I were in ok shape and it was looking like the half was on the horizon when "Allen Twin" the younger hit a miraculous wood onto the green for two but leaving, maybe the longest putt possible on a green at BHP. With a half still in the air, Jack holed out in two putts to snatch the game. We all retired to the bar to relive that phenomenal shot which really won the game, well done the "Allen Twins". Danny and I are now undertaking intensive Feng Shui lessons in the hope of regaining our equilibrium which is slightly dented but we will be back in action in the challenge series very soon.

Charity Day on Monday 6 May is approaching at warp speed. I have not paid sufficient attention to this long serving and august event at BHP. Our charity this year, McMillan Cancer Support is a deserving cause and I would ask you to please enter a team or join up with others to make this a full on event. I recognise that a Bank Holiday is not necessarily ideal but it is the traditional day for this event at BHP and I would like to see this continue in the successes of previous years. Also, may I ask you to please donate raffle prizes, to assist with boosting the coffers of our chosen charity this year. We will be supported again by the brewery, Marstons, who will provide the Bombadier Bus. This is great but slightly disappointing since I had hoped we had secured the Hobgoblin vehicle but sadly this is currently out of action, still free beers in a Routemaster bus can't be all bad. Just a reminder, Charity Day is open to non-members and there is no additional green fee to pay, so bring your mates along.

Finally, a quick thank you to all committee members, the SSC, other volunteers and the professional team who are all working to improve your enjoyment of your club, well done guys. If you want to help, please let us know.

Are there any Bullet Points this week, YES.

  • Big G is organising a programme of fun mixed social golf, a 12-hole competition, starting on Thursday 25 April. This will be a Texas Scramble, a super fun format which provides thrills and spills and equal chances for all to perform. The golf will be followed by a light bite in the bar afterwards – PLEASE sign up or contact Big G for more details, he is looking for a field of 20 or more.
  • John Worroll is re-focusing on promoting and growing the 200 Club so watch out for further detail from John soon.
  • The SSC continue to work flat out on your behalf and the initiatives considered and talked of are becoming realities. We have the return of the music night on Friday 3 May, the tables are all booked but the sofas and armchairs cannot be booked and there will be some space in the George Low bar so come along and reel in the rocking at the bar.
  • Other music acts have been booked for Friday nights, including Harry the Jazz pianist and the incomparable Kate Gardner, keep an eye out for those please.
  • Themed food evenings will start on Thursday 16 May, running on alternate weeks, more details to follow.
  • Disco Night will be returning to the club, with the first likely to be on Saturday 1 June – Alan Crocker, this one is for you (obviously, I look forward to seeing you at the other evenings before that too)
  • Through the Captain's Committee, the SSC are coordinating and expanding the fun golf competitions and events throughout the year. We will be offering one bigger event in each season, the next being Mid Summer Madness, originally made popular By Billie and Wendy.
  • Thursday afternoons this season, will see a return of the 3 Club Challenge, The Cross Country Golf Tournament and the "6's" competition which are available to all – more details to follow
  • The Captain's Away Day to Goodwood is full but a reserve list will still be required in the unfortunate event that someone becomes unable to attend, so please put your name down.
  • DB now knows the secret of the numeric code at the head of the page and yes, it is rather dull, I need something fresh.
  • Look out for the Seniors Open being held at the club on Thursday 15 August and also a Junior Open on Thursday 30 May, which is a qualifier for Middlesex Golf Order of Merit, why not encourage friends form other clubs to play – more details to follow.
  • The mixed, Brasted Trophy was won by Cela Selley and Dave Morris (268), who literally obliterated the field on the day, well done you two. The mixed competitions reconvene on Sunday 28 April with the Spring Trophy, join in with or without a partner, Janet and Manet Mark will sort you out.
  • Congratulations if you have got this far, see me at the bar for a well earned drink.

See you soon,




Proof Read by Captain Nemo

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Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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