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Captain's Announcements


This is of course "good day to you all" in Desperanto Esperanto, another very useful phrase in one's linguistic armoury.

Last week was a blog free zone, which like most things in life, was met with mixed responses. So, apologies to all who enjoy their weekly personalised message, Ian Lanario and Peter Robinson obviously spring to mind and for those of a more discerning disposition, beware the blog is back.

It seems that the good word about BHPGC is getting around as we welcome another 3 new playing members this week. Joseph Sweeney joins us on full membership with Dave Webbing and Tim Clarke on Lifestyle. All three are Winchmore Hill residents so I expect that we will see them regularly at club, welcome gentlemen.

I am afraid that I don't have an update on new social members this week but I know that the leafleting campaign and word of mouth recommendations are getting the message across. The number of new social members is approaching 60 this year, clearly BHPGC is the place to be and to be seen. As the year unfolds and the weather improves, more social events will be available for our members with the return of some previously popular events together with some brand new entertainment ideas. The club is working nicely in tandem with the SSC and the aim is to provide food, drink and entertainment which will see the clubhouse open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. I fully recognise that this seismic shift will take time to become known and feel normal but I have no doubt that we shall be successful. Please keep an eye out for what will be coming up soon and tell your mates because communication is still one of the hardest nuts to crack.

Despite an attack of Norovirus earlier in the week, which I think Tracey and I contracted in Denmark, the Captain Pro Challenge resumed last Sunday. This match had more than a conspiratorial whiff about it, being in the form of David "Smoothy" Dickinson and our own Big G. Just in case you are not up with the programme, "Smoothy" is our immediate Past Captain and Big G is of course our current Vice Captain. What coup were this pair cooking up, were Danny and I to be cast aside prior to end of my term, who knows, does anyone care, probably not but would your Captain and our plucky Pro come through this stiff test? If you have read Danny's Pro Shop Newsletter, you may have picked out the result. It was agreed after the bloodbath of a contest that the score would be 2 and 1 to the Captain and Pro, but in very small print in the newsletter, you will note that Danny let slip that the 2 and 1 victory, actually contained a 6 and 4, no more need be said. This Sunday will see the brilliant Pro Challenge Draw, which I expect will be massively popular and by public demand the Electronic Randomiser will be in play, so I suggest you turn up and yes, that includes all of you newer members too, you should not miss out on the fun.

The Captain Pro Challenge is I think booking for June onwards, please check with Danny for available dates for your challenge. The next up will be the Allen "Twins" who will be giving it a go next Friday. I don't like the sound of that one, so look out for a report next week.

Did anyone say Bullet Point Time?

  • Summer competitions are now closed, check out the website for some new rule tweaks
  • Friday Club Nights are gathering momentum – Sorry Pete, I can't be there again this week but I do have a letter from my mum but I strongly recommend everyone else to attend, with 20% discount on food and Peroni, plus all other drinks, it's silly not to.
  • John White's "Drive into Spring" was a huge success, even without me being there, well done John and all who played on that rather chilly Spring morning – more fun events to follow.
  • The New Bar Name entry has closed and it was no coincidence that this was 1 April.
  • Our catering continues to increase in popularity but not everyone is receiving the experience they desire, if that is you, please let us know. The aim is continuous improvement and your views are important and essential for the team to know where things are good or need attention. We have brilliant staff and they too are finding their feet but we are all in it together so let's make it work.
  • Good news, we have agreed 2 additional places on the captains away day to GOODWOOD. This will bring the total playing to 44, which is the number I should have agreed in the first place since 42 does not readily divide by four. At the time of writing, I believe that these two places are available, they will be quickly filled, so please let me know if you want to come.
  • It will be Charity Day at the club on Bank Holiday Monday 6 May. Despite my wife's insistence she can't register her team, there are signup sheets in the George Low bar, the leaflet rack in the club entrance, the Pro Shop, the ladies changing rooms and of course online. Please register asap and give your team a name. There will be some great attractions available on the day with details to follow very soon.

See you soon,




Proof Read by Nogin the Nog

Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020