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22 March 2019

Buenos Aires,

This is of course "good day to you all" in the Argentinian language, always a very useful phrase.

I am somewhat struggling to get to grips with the new format blog, please try to stick with it, maybe it will all make sense one day. However, if you can cope with convoluted nonsense, keep an eye out for the next edition of The Bush Telegraph, coming your way soon. I am of course only referring to my own article, other articles are available.

This week, we have been joined by two new full playing members, Bobby Hibbert and Jake Ince. Both of these young men hail from N16, an area that is becoming increasingly popular with BHPGC. Welcome gentlemen, I trust that you will be inducted appropriately and look forward to seeing you around soon.

I can feel the tension in the air, the frisson of anticipation for the report on the recent Captain Pro Challenge, it is palpably nerve tingling. You must remember this though, this is difficult for me, we are talking about my wife Tracey and her indomitable sister, Lesley. The chilly Sunday morning in question had started badly, I had forgotten my Captain's pullover, my hat and the High Noon Challenge Cup, all schoolboy errors without question. Having seen a previous 'all female' challenge crash and burn on the choice of playing format, the sisters remained conventional and went better ball. Yes, sadly, Alison "Bad Girl" Towndrow and Hazel "Is that hair real?" Goodyear, were ill advised, Danny and I resisted their Greensomes approach, finishing victorious. Would the better ball format do for us you may well ask? Obviously, it would be wrong and dangerous to go into the intimate detail of the sweet fortuitous victory that your Pro and Captain claimed that morning. It was a very close and tense affair with the lead lurching violently from one team to the other, until the sinking of the long putt on the 10th which really knocked the stuffing out of the challengers. They performed valiantly but Danny and I eased out to a 4 and 3 victory. However, that was not the only highlight of the match. Standing on the 17th, facing a raging full against gale, Danny informed us that he was going for the green. Although the match was over, we virtually begged him to reconsider but he was determined to go for it. The driver cut through the air, creating a scary swishing sound accompanied by a hint of wheezing. The ball left Danny's club in a hurry and the next time we saw it was when it was adjacent to a crater sized indentation on the 17th green, yes, he made it. The record books confirm this to be a very rare feat to achieve and into a gale just adds to the wonder of the shot, we all loved it, well done Danny.

After that I think we need some bullet points to recover;

  • The 2019 Club Annual Dinner Dance was a hit and we were all amazed by the close up magic of somebody who did some magic and then became a DJ – it was all brilliant, try it yourself next year.
  • Summer knockout competitions are just still open – sign up now, BTW I think I have now been snapped up.
  • Friday Club Nights are ramping up nicely, give it a go and see for yourself.
  • Look out for John White's new golf event "Drive into Spring" to be held on Thursday 4 April – this will be good, sadly I won't be able to make and he doesn't know that yet, so please book in.
  • Are you booked for Mother's Day lunch on Sunday 31 March at the club, it seems like most people are, please check with the team if you want to go, maybe they can get you in.
  • New Bar names continue to flood in – Please get your entries in soon, the closing date is 1 April.
  • Our catering continues to improve but your comments and thoughts are really important so please give feedback on your experiences and your ideas on what you would like to see offered by your club.
  • Have you thought about The 200 Club yet, John Worrell is the man to contact to sign up before the next draw.
  • The Goodwood trip is full but please put your name down or let me or Danny know if you want join us. People sometimes drop out late on and I am also talking to Goodwood to see if we could squeeze in two more players. More news to follow very shortly.
  • The Captain Pro Challenge for this Sunday has been postponed. This is my fault and I will explain to anyone that wants to listen. Danny is rearranging but in the meanwhile, why not have a go yourself.
  • Stewart has brilliantly secured the 'A Taste of Costa Brava' golf series 2019. This competition is confirmed and will be held on 6 July, more details will follow shortly.
  • It will be Charity Day at the club on Bank Holiday Monday 6 May. Please start getting your teams together or just sign up and we will form a team for you. There will be some great entertainment, hosting from out brewery Marstons and a few prizes for the lucky winners.

There are also prizes for anyone who has completed reading the blog in one sitting or actually just finishing at all.

See you soon,




Proof Read by Mystic Meg

Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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