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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate -25267.63(28 February 2019)

Good Moaning, (copywrite not expired)

I hope you have had a great week, how can it go by so quickly, it only seems like a week ago that I was composing my last blog, incredible.

Blog Alert – New Format: FREESTYLE

The English Oxford dictionary definition of FREESTYLE when in adjective form is as follows;


Denoting a contest, race, or version of a sport in which there are few restrictions on the moves or techniques that competitors employ.

'freestyle wrestling'

This definition of the blog format, may not then be technically correct, unless we can extend The Captain's Blog to be defined as a sport, yes, this does need more thought.

To yet again quote the nearly incomparable Tess Daily, let's start this blog off, in no particular order. First out of the blocks I want to thank the members of the Social Sub-Committee (SSC) for really sticking in there and making a difference. Recently, two members, John White and Jed French, who shall remain nameless, have again been distributing leaflets. Fortunately, this did not lead to any arrests this time but was extremely successful in attracting more social members. We are rapidly heading towards 50 new social members, which is great, congratulations to the incognito pairing.

At BHP we know that we desire and require, more playing members and our recruitment drives in all guises are reaping rewards. However, unless one adopts the bargain basement subscription approach, increasing playing numbers in a sustainable way, will always be relatively slow. There is no reason why this should be the case with social membership. The club has a great deal to offer social members and this should be regarded as a reciprocal arrangement. I remain really excited by the growing and improving social scene at the club, which I mean in the very broadest of senses. We have the attraction of the 'new bar', which I hope will be the catalyst for further improvement all around the clubhouse.

Whilst on the subject of the 'new bar', 2 new name proposals literally flooded in this week. The pick of the bunch this week was probably 'The Old Park Bar'. This has been suggested by a few people but I think Alison Towndrow just pipped them to the post, in the written medium, nice one Alison. The current clear favourite is Ray's Bar so if you would prefer something else, please send in your suggestions in a plain brown paper parcel or on the back of a postcard.

Stewart and his team are working on a programme of themed food led evenings. The plan is to offer varying menus and themes and get the bar into use on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. In conjunction with the SSC, this will see a very varied and exciting eclectic of food and entertainment, which may also see a return of some musical Sunday lunches. The opportunities are endless and much of the entertainment being planned will be either free or very low cost options. Unfortunately, this takes time to arrange and to get up and running but the diary dates are being filled and soon a programme of planned events will be published, so that we can organise what and when we want to attend.

The Captain's Away Day list has a confirmed 42 entrants, thank you to those who are willing to take the plunge. This is a very good number but I would like to extend this to 44. Firstly, 44 divides nicely by 4, it also reminds me of our old maths teacher, Teddy Bass and 2 extra on tour would be perfect. Therefore, if you have not signed up but want to join in, please let me know. I will be sending out a draft itinerary in a week or so time but in the meanwhile, those who have signed up may wish to think about who they want to share with, which is a jolly nice thing to do.

This Sunday will see the return of the Pro Draw, following cancellation due to bad weather last month. The very bad news is that I will not be able to attend, the good news is that Big G is back in harness and will be running the show. There will be the now usual nearest the pin prizes and stuff in the hut. The weather forecast for Sunday is a sunny 30°C, no wait, that's where Tracey and I will be, but I am sure it will be ok, in Winchmore Hill, the predicted heavy rain will probably blow over. I love The Pro Draw and you know that I would be with you if I could. I have developed another electronic randomiser and I will see if the team in charge want to try it out, it would be worth attending just for that alone. One more thing, we have been considering the idea of running the draw slightly later, what do you think, please have a word with me or Big G on the matter.

You won't believe it but I have a reputation in our golf club for being, should I say, errant with some of my golf shots. You may think this harsh but maybe you haven't played with me recently. Plus, I am sure it is only meant in gest when JC and his crew express disappointment at not having our regular good mornings on the 10th fairway as I make my approach to the 8th green. I get similar remarks when approaching the 9th green, when playing over the big Oak tree from the 10th fairway. Frankly, to me this is quite normal and just the way that sometimes I like to play my golf. However, some of my slightly more wayward shots have been recently been spotted. I know what you are thinking, how do they now it's my ball. Well, this year I have logoed my ball with my name, rank and serial number, therefore denial is a little more difficult and photographic evidence, makes this even harder. The Bubbly Lucy Bidmead, spotted one recently and took this very nice picture,

This is my golf ball nicely nestled in the hanging basket outside of the pro shop. Must check with Robbie if that would have had a free drop.

Actually, I do remember pulling one shot a little bit coming up the 18th but surely not that much, that would have required a full on hook to do that. Anyway, Lucy was kind enough to return the ball to me as others have done recently including Andrew Stredder and Mark Careford. Fortunately however, no photographic evidence accompanied their return on either occasion. So, if you find one of my golf balls in an unusual location, please take a picture and send it in before returning it.

Now try the new format Bullet Points;

● Summer Knockout competitions are still open – Sign up now, if you need a partner, I'm free.

● The 2019 Club Annual Dinner Dance – some places available but don't hang about.

● The subs renewals have gone out and thanks again to all of you who have paid early so far.

● No Captain Pro matches until we get back from holiday, then there is a full programme booked.

● Friday Club Nights are increasingly popular, book your favourite table but you can't have Bill Brant's.

● Not too early to book for Mother's Day lunch on Sunday 31 March.

● Do you like a good old Salsa, then come up to the club on a Monday night, reduced fees for members, it's a bit wicked.

● Danny's Pro Shop newsletter is worth a read, it's better than the blog, it's got more pictures.

I'm off to pack now and get my hair cut for holiday. You may be sadly deprived of a blog next week unless we can persuade Big G to have a go.

Until next time,

Beau Brumell,



Proof Read by Reginald Dixon@The Mighty Wurlitzer

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Captain's Announcements


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