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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate -100000.22 (22 February 2019)

Allo, Allo (copywrite expired)

Continuing this week with the new format theme;


Mixed bag, mostly sunny, slightly chilly wind with no rain, continuing through to Wednesday of next week.

Main Bar

We have received a few ideas for naming the main bar. The best two so far have both come from the youthful and ever versatile, Peter Smith. Option 1, THE BAR, Option 2, THE PRESIDENTS BAR (including various forms of possessive noun). Needless to say, we are still working on this one but please do let me know your idea just in case we can improve on Peter's contributions.

Whilst on the main bar, you may have noticed the decorative paint effects recently completed by Silvio. I will give you a clue here, there's one over the fireplace and one in the niche. These are wonderful examples of his skills and Silvio would be very happy to discuss other finishes with you if anyone has a wall at home that needs cheering up. I just love the blue colour one.


Catering continues to be a great topic of conversation. I think it is pretty clear that there is a strong feeling that Sunday lunches should be in the upstairs dining room. I don't totally agree or disagree with this sentiment, this should be a matter of choice. Stewart was not 'banning' lunches upstairs, which I have previously reported on. Sunday lunch in the PRESIDENTS BAR main bar was just a trial, which was successful and which did draw attention to some operational issues which are continually being addressed. I think the goal is to revive popularity of dining at the club in general and to have sufficient bookings to operate both upstairs and downstairs. Personally, I think this is highly achievable and with some more changes I can foresee both of our eating venues being very popular and successful in the near future. This is yet another case of watch this space. In the meantime, please use the dining facilities as much as you want and also please continue with providing your feedback, good bad or indifferent.

Social Sub Committee (SSC)

There is a Captain's Committee meeting scheduled for this coming Monday, with a full agenda for the SSC to get through. As I have previously noted, this committee will become more important and I would really like to hear from anyone who feels that they would like to contribute, in particular any social members please. We have one social member on the committee at the moment but I think we could do with a couple more. If you are interested, please contact Stewart, me or anyone that you may know already on the committee.

Captain's Away Day – Goodwood

The Captain's Away Day list went up last Saturday and I am very pleased to say that we currently have 41 committed and signed up players. A couple of chaps have needed to pull out, which is understandable but with 41 on board, the reserve list is now open. We may extend the number of places available, after all, 41 is a dodgy prime number so please put your name down if you want to join us. More details of the venue, the trip and the golf formats will follow very shortly.

New Members

Once again, we can welcome new members, both playing and social to the club, which is brilliant. Stewart and Dawn are sending out emails to key staff and committee members to introduce them and provide rapid integration, maybe in future we could email out the details to all members but no doubt you will be made aware of who has joined us very soon.

Valentine's Night

Valentine's Night last Saturday was a success. I am not sure of the exact numbers of lovers that turned up but all those in attendance enjoyed themselves. Well done to Lynne Watts for organising the event at late notice. These pop-up events will become more frequent and will no doubt become better attended and more fun as we continue to promote them. If you were not there, you may not know that a bunch of celebrities, effectively gate crashed the evening. Lead by our own tanned barmaid superstar Sara, accompanied by her mother and various other female dignitaries, they came to the club to celebrate Sara's mum's birthday. Lovely, thank you Sara.

Club Night

Friday night is Club Night at your club. This will continue through to the summer season when we hope to introduce more themes, including bbq's, entertainment and family menus. The double discount on food and drink applies from 6.30 pm till 11.00 pm and you can book your favourite table if you get in early enough.

Well, if you don't like the new format, try the Bullet Points;

  • Danny mentioned it in his newsletter and Jon would like to remind you that the summer competitions are open – but don't do what I do and forget to enter.
  • The 2019 Club Annual Dinner Dance is scheduled for Saturday 16 March. The booking opened a few days ago and is now 70% full and will be oversubscribed. The menu and details will be available very soon but please book as soon as possible if you want to guarantee your place. This has all the hallmarks of a great night with some entertainment planned that must at the moment, remain confidential.
  • The subs renewals have gone out and thank you to all of you who have paid early. You have saved a few bob and are improving the club's cash flow, well done.
  • No Captain Pro matches to report on, with last weeks whimp being Danny. I shall be going away with Mrs R for a deserved holiday, her not me, so the Captain Pro Challenges will be on hold until around mid March.
  • The next ProDraw will be 3 March, which is Sunday week. I will not be able to be there due to reason in the immediately preceding bullet point but the event will be in the super capable hands of our VC, Big G, ably assisted by Danny. The electronic randomised draw, which was made famous a couple of months ago, will not be available, so they will probably have to rely on Genevieve, all the other usual attractions will apply.
  • STOP PRESS – Steve Ames is more knowledgeable on iOS than James Chard and Garry Flanagan put together – FACT.

OK, a shorter blog for those who like it like that but there will be more drivel next week just before we go on holiday.

Bon Chance



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Captain's Announcements
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Guest - Henry Porter on Saturday, 23 February 2019 15:47

Suggested bar name. THE GOLFERS RETREAT. Sounds about right for those that have hacked their way around the course.

Suggested bar name. THE GOLFERS RETREAT. Sounds about right for those that have hacked their way around the course.
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Tuesday, 26 May 2020