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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate -917888.(15 February 2019)



You will not believe how much is going on at the club at the moment and all of the efforts are being made with the express objective of improving your club, for all of our members, playing and social alike.

Those of you who may have previously tried out one of my blogs for size, may have drawn the conclusion, that could perhaps be expressed in a single word description, verbose. Admittedly I do have a problem in the concise department but right now, there is so much to tell you about the successes and plans for your club. So, that's where a new format comes in, bold chapter headings and bullet points.

Main Bar

The decorative paint effects have been completed by Silvio, leaving just a few other things to be completed, although final dressing will be a continual process. I think we all agree that the final result is somewhere between not bad and awesome, personally I am erring on the top of awesome.

However, one thing that the bar is very much missing, is a name. We recently kicked a few ideas around and Ray's Bar lasted almost half a Plank Time, which isn't very long. Billie's Bar had a bit more traction before we veered off into the more obvious Vardon Bar and Braid's Bar. This is now a serious matter so please let me know your ideas for a name, this can be as adventurous and original as you like. We can then hold a poll for the most popular name, unless I don't like it, then we start again.


Many members are asking why Sunday Lunch is now being served in the main bar and not in the restaurant. Well, that's a good question and the answer is simple but at the same time complex. The main bar (insert name of choice) was reconfigured with one of the primary objectives being to increase usage and at the same time offer more flexibility of use. If the ambiance was right and the food was right, we expected the usage to increase significantly, emulating a lovely spiral to ascendancy. Club Night was conceived to assist with this and is going well, the next logical step was to introduce Sunday lunch dining into the new space. There is no doubt that this offers a classy brasserie feel and also brings a little less formality, which some members like and is conducive to bringing younger families. This is being trialed by Stewart and his team but is not considered to be the exclusive dining zone. We are viewing the overall picture as an opportunity to almost re-brand the restaurant and to try to provide that exclusive dining experience that many members would really like at their club. Stewart, Simon and Debbie are working hard to offer new menus and dining experiences for everyone. The restaurant will continue to be available and some nice twists are being planned but with the objective of providing a choice of dining experience for all of our members. As we initially proceed with the plans, commercial realities must be taken into account until both locations are self sustaining. Until we reach that point, hopefully in the very near future, things will be fluid, so please bear with it. Member feedback is essential please so let Stewart know your preferences and also try to get into the habit of booking online if you can, it's not mandatory but it will assist the management team.

Social Sub Committee (SSC)

I have been extolling the virtues of the need for a strong SSC for a while. With the new in-house catering arrangements, this has now become a real focus. The SSC will be working in conjunction with the management team to provide the best social events and entertainment that we can for our members. With in-house catering all the previous rules have gone and we are working on a framework which will enable social to blossom, be sustainable and provide a full experience from the more formal club events right through to fun family golf events and everything in between. I am really excited by the possibilities that this opens up and we will be focusing on returning to full engagement with our social members. Our social membership is growing once more, which is brilliant and essential. Watch this space or get in contact if you want to be a part of the team.

ROK IT Sponsors F1 Team Williams

Surely this is not the same lot that looks after our IT at the club? Probably not but have you noticed the new POS equipment in the new bar, installed by ROCK IT. This was a forced investment since the old hardware could not run the new software upgrade which was necessary. But, they are great and I love the cute little customer facing screens which show you your bill totals whilst simultaneously promoting the latest events at the club, nice, really nice.

Captain's Away Day – Goodwood

We finally managed to send out information regarding this year's Captain's Away Day. Apologies again for the late delivery of this info and also, even worse, I am not sure if the signup sheet is yet on display in the George Low Bar. Anyway, so far, the total of guys who have committed to going, which includes some who expressed verbal interest, means that we have only around 5 places left out of the initial 40 that have been booked with Goodwood. The first 40 will be guaranteed places on the tour but we hope to be able to extend this number. The plan at the moment is to open another list which will act as a reserve pool. As we reach each block of 4, we will be able to guarantee these places, subject only to availability at Goodwood. Obviously, I won't turn anyone away but it would be better to have the groups in teams of 4 or worst case 2's since the booking is based on 2 sharing a room, but we will be able to deal with odd numbers should that arise. We will be able to book single rooms if they are required but unfortunately there will be an additional supplement for that privilege. Please confirm with me or get your name on the sheet as soon as it is up so that we can start working on the numbers. I would love us to get to a level where we could trigger a shot gun start but at the moment that is a little way off. I will be pushing Goodwood for additional tee times in any case but the final outcome will be down to our total numbers. More news on the trip will shortly follow but thanks to all of you who have committed so far, this will be a great trip.

New Members

I know that we are attracting new playing and social members, even at this time of year, which is smashing. Welcome this week to Simon Lanario (Lifestyle), Kieron O'Shea (Full Member), Maisie O'Shea (Returning Junior Member) and Olive Brant, Valerie Fletcher & Moira Wilkie (Social Members). It's great to have you at BHPGC and I hope you will enjoy our fabulous Club.

And now for something completely different……… the Bullet Points.

  • The subs renewals have gone out, if you feel there are any anomalies please contact the office. If you manage to pay early, you will save money and help your club – If you can't pay early then the subscription that you have received will be subject to the 2% annual increase, the office will be able to assist you with any queries.
  • Super News – Dawn Careford is back working at the club. Dawn has stepped in to help out in the office where things are currently a bit fraught, well done Dawn great to see her friendly face again.
  • Valentine's Night at the club on 16 February, please book in if you can, if not no problem and I will see you there.
  • No Captain Pro matches to report on, last weeks was match cancelled due to a cracked rib suffered during a ski trip by one of the challengers. Danny thought this was wimpish, which is a bit harsh but we will be rearranging this challenge for later in the year.
  • 2020 will be the club's 125th Anniversary, Len Palmer has been working hard on a 'Golf Week' programme and events throughout the year are under consideration by the Captain's Committee and the SSC. If you have any special ideas, please let us know.
  • Check out Danny's newsletter for golfing news and pro shop promotions.
  • Club Annual Dinner, please check the upcoming events on the website and book in, this event will be oversubscribed.

There is more but we need to stop now before it becomes terminal.



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Captain's Announcements


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