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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate -36832.03(1 February 2019)

Hi All,

Touch of déjà vu this morning. Looking back at last week's blog for inspiration, I notice that I mentioned snow closing the course and here we are again. Still, it's not really been bad this Winter so far but let's hope this weather improves rapidly soon.

Danny and I attempted to defend the honour of the Captain Pro combo in the latest challenge which was fought last Sunday. We faced the stiffest of stiff challenges from the The Big Apple himself, Graham Corr and the petrol head known as Richard 911 Blythe. This developed into a wonderful nervy match. I think we halved all holes up to the 7th or 8th, I'm not sure it was so intense. However, after a dose of warm, soggy sausage rolls at the 13th and no milk, the challengers weakened and finally snapped when The Big Apple played his Barnes Wallace at the 17th for the second week in a row. Sadly, it was not enough and Danny and I were victorious, which was a real relief. It is a big thank you to the boys for making the challenge genuinely enjoyable. We have a week off now for the Pro Draw on Sunday, weather permitting so see you there.

It is now post Burns Night, which from the perspective of the majority went very well on all fronts. I was truly amazed by the depth of Mike Clarke's talents, what a man and we are lucky to have him as one of our own, well done Mike. We did receive a critical appraisal from a very few members, which is totally acceptable and was received in a positive way by our professional team. It is still very early days but Simon and his team are gelling well and the feedback from outside agencies such as our independent stock taker and pest control contractor is extremely good. Your reviews and feedback on bar snacks have already been taken into account and the beauty of the new in-house food offering allows the club to respond almost instantaneously. This will always be a two way process and we will learn together what us the members really want and we will all enjoy the benefits. There will be much more to come on this topic but I am seriously out of time this week, we have a bar to finish for an opening tonight, no pressure.

So straight into bullet points;

  • The Grand reopening of the main bar was last night and 'Oh What a Night'! The online booking went into meltdown and the booking numbers extended twice to try to accommodate the demand. Over 130 members were in attendance for drinks and Simon's excellent Canapés and we literally 'raised the bar through the roof'!
  • Personally, I think we should be thinking about naming our refurbished bar, main bar is not very inspiring, let me know what you think and what name would you like?
  • Have you checked the live club diary on the club website yet, what you think?
  • My Captain's away day is booked for Goodwood on 19th and 20th May. Apologies for the lack of information up and available, this will be rectified very shortly. The cost will be a little more this year but I am convinced that this will prove to be great value. I will cap the cost at £170 which will include the normal, 2 rounds of golf, overnight accommodation, banquet style dinner and breakfast the following morning. There is a link below to the website, from where you can explore the estate and what is on offer. I will let you have more details soon and a sign up list will be available but for now just let me know if you plan to come.

No kilt fitting this week, that was a waste of time, this week it is LED strip light installation.



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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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