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Captain's Announcements

 Captains Blog Stardate -21614.28(25 January 2019)

Hi All,

Some snow and the course needed to be closed, the first time that I can remember since the dreadful wet winter the year before last, or was it last year, I don't know. To be honest I don't really care either, I think it's better to live in the present, not the past.

I need to report on last Sunday's Captain Pro Challenge straight away, it is sort of cathartic to unburden and celebrate losing to a better team. The reality was that I played at a level just below shocking, which gave Danny a slightly uphill task. However, let me also enlighten you on how the opposition played. One example springs to mind. My drive on the 14th finished somewhere short of the 13th lake, my usual spot if I am pushing to score a 5. Danny drove the green, leaving a 13' 6 1/4" (3.171m) putt for eagle. Ian McNally almost lost his ball on the left hand side, close to the 15th dell, leaving a tough punch shot under the tree and clear of the left hand side bunker. Ian's playing partner, Keiran was in a reasonable position but short of the ridge. Ian's next shot was an arrow through the heart. Ian proceeded to deliberately thin his shot, whilst pulling it hard left into the big Oak, which then dropped down to the back of the bunker rolled onto the back of the green, ran around the fringe, rolled back towards the hole and ended up 2' 6" (762mm) from the hole. This majestic shot knocked the stuffing out of Danny, who missed his eagle putt and only secured a birdie. Naturally Ian rolled in his birdie and took the hole by applying his shot for a net eagle. Nice one Ian. Ian was robustly supported by Kieran and with judicious dovetailing secured a win of 3 and 2. Well done guys, it was actually great fun and one of these days I really must give Danny a bit of help, he clearly can't do it on his own just yet.

Thick and fast, that's how the challenges are coming and not a description of professional football players; some are actually not very quick at all. The next challenge is scheduled for this Sunday and we face stern opposition in the form of Richard "911" Blyth and Graham "Apple" Core Corr, sure to be another bloody battle which you will hear about soon enough.

So, Simon started in earnest on Wednesday, following a clean of the kitchen that was so deep, it came through into the bar below, which was not nice. This was the day the course was closed, which coincided with Ladies day, so what could possibly go wrong on the catering front? Probably the unexpected demands of around 40 ladies turning up for bridge, a chat, a drink and of course, soup. It's fair to say that the unprecedented demand surprised everyone, including Simon, but he rose like a Salmon to the challenge and everyone had a great time and a decent, warming lunch. Well done Ladies and well done to Simon and his team.

Just before the bullet points, I would like to personally thank Nigel Hunnisett for agreeing to relocate his party from the main bar to the restaurant and the rest of the clubhouse. The works have continued at a breathtaking pace but it would not have been possible to hand over the bar in a usable format. We were aware that the furniture delivery from Italy was going to miss by a few days but other problems with the new beer pumps and tills would not have been resolved in time. Not clearing and cleaning the room for Nigel has effectively given the team an additional 2 days and a more orderly move towards completion.Thanks Nigel, a true clubman.

The grand opening will be Friday 1 February and you should have received your personal invitation by now. Please RSVP and book your place, we will certainly be oversubscribed for what will be a brilliant evening. Our online booking system will be coming into its own and you will be able to book your favourite tables in the new bar for drinks, lunch and dinner. Booking will help with planning staffing and food ordering and enable us to become more efficient and responsive, whilst making the profits we could do with whilst we continue to grow our memberships.

Right, its bullet point time;

  • The grand reopening of the main bar will be on Friday 1 February. There will be free prosecco and canapés for your delectation but please do book in for this gala event.
  • Please don't forget to speak to Sé Banim about his Frinton WAGS, he will explain the format to you for those that don't know.
  • Burns Night is sold out.
  • Did you check the live club diary on the club website, what you think so far?
  • My Captain's away day is booked, the dates have not changed and will be Sunday 19 May and Monday 20 May. We will be going to Goodwood which offers some quality golfing on 2 courses with pretty tasty après golf facilities. I will let you have more details soon but please confirm your intention if you plan to join us. The aim is to try to get 40 of us on the trip, which will include Danny and possibly another member of his professional team and also Stewart Judd. There are around 24 committed to the trip so far and I will get literature up in the George Low for you to read and to sign up, in the meanwhile ask me questions when you next see me.

I am off for a kilt fitting now, so see you around soon.



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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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