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Captains Blog Stardate - 19111.10 (11 January 2019)


We continue to be contained within a bubble of stable weather patterns, delivering above average seasonal temperatures, with the occasional perturbation around the mean with almost no precipitation punctuated with some sunny intervals. For most of us, that's very pleasant and for the course this has been an excellent start to the year. The wet areas are recovering very nicely and the greens continue to be superb. Congratulations must go out to Graham and his team, who continue to deliver under the sage tutelage of Mark 'Baby Face' Watts.

More good news on the membership front this week. We are joined by Matt Broadbent as a Lifestyle member and Steve Hicks as a full member in the 31 to 33 age category. Matt has a few friends already playing at the club and has played previously as a guest, which is nice. Steve is pretty much a newcomer but I understand that he will not have any qualms about joining in, so expect to see him around or even dropping into your group. No doubt I have just breached numerous privacy laws and PC policies but I'm not worried and I am sure that you will join me in welcoming Matt and Steve to our great club.

Those who witnessed will know, and would hopefully agree, that the recent Pro 4Ball Draw was a success on virtually all fronts. The event seemed to run smoothly, which pleased me enormously for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we eschewed pen and paper and ventured into full electronic software mode for the registration and draw. If you have suffered any of the last 3 draws, you will know that this has not really been overly professional and has stumbled a bit. However, the adoption of Excel and some blind faith saw those in attendance fully randomised and drawn out without a hitch. It was almost impressive. Secondly, this was achieved despite the fact that Big G was sunning himself in Tenerife with Mrs Vice G ( The Vice Captain's Wife is the Ladies Vice Captain). I understand of course that he was studying proceedings live over the net, just in case. I think we may have been lucky that it all went so well without him and we are naturally looking forward to his return. Results of the event are in Danny's excellent Pro Shop news letter.

The Captain Pro Challenge will return this coming Sunday. The challengers are that well know pair of scallywags, Nick "ExChairman New Car" Balnave and Jonny "Slow Hand" Welch. I know all about these two desperados, having played many High Noon Challenges with them in the distant past. Naturally I have warned Danny about their old tricks, so I hope he will not become distracted. The result will be disclosed next week.

Right, its bullet point time;

* The works to the main bar have now commenced and there is no going back now. The work will run through to 25 January; thank you for your patience during this period. Progress is good and we must thank Ross and his team at CCB for their 100% commitment. Food and drinks will be available as usual in the George Low bar.

* Tonight, Friday 11 January at 7.00pm, the New Rules extravaganza will be presented by Robbie "Rules" Martin, ably assisted by David Dickinson. Whether you think you know the rules of golf or not, turn up and find out what you know and what they know, I think this will be fun, see you there.

* Burns Night is sold out.

* The Friday Night Happy Hour will continue but possibly in a reduced capacity until the main bar is completed. Please watch out for notices regarding food availability on those evenings.

* Please note that the first leg of the Mike Clarke quiz league starts a week earlier this year on Friday January 18. Lists are up in the George Low bar. Mike would like to see some more entries if possible so sign up if you can.

* Membership renewals are being prepared and checked through right now and there will be an opportunity again this year to help your club and to make yourself a saving by paying early. Personalised details will of course follow once the notifications are ready.

Some like it longer, some like it shorter and I will be delivering on both levels as we progress the blogs throughout the year. Right now, I have that impending feeling of doom, I hope it's just that I may have missed some information out and not that we didn't actually land on the moon, that would be very worrying.

There 'is' masses going on at the club at the moment and it is all good so if you have any thoughts or queries please contact me and I will do my best to assist.



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Captain's Announcements


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