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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate - 10401.19(4 January 2019)

Happy New Year,

The year is still fresh and youthful and probably around 4 or 5 days old by the time you get to see this message. The weather has turned colder but is still dry with some beautiful sunny intervals, nothing to really moan about yet on that front.

We have more new playing members who I would like to introduce to you. We have Andrew Stredder, a new full member who is currently best known for being the husband of Penny Bushe, which is very nice. We also welcome 2 younger full members, Matt Franks and Chris Zola, Matt having been introduced by Jim Craggs and Chris who joined after having played a few rounds at the club. Also joining us is Armando Lobo, who joined around a week ago on a Lifestyle membership. We also welcome 4 new social members to the club, who will, I am sure get into the social swing pretty quickly.

We have a Pro 4-Ball Draw this Sunday 6 January and we welcome all of you new and newer members to join us for this friendly competition which is a great way to quickly meet and mingle with some of our members. Be at the club around 8.00 to 8.15 a.m. for bacon rolls and coffee followed shortly by the draw and then a shotgun start.

The New Year celebrations at the club were suitably riotous and enjoyable in equal measure and to the best of my knowledge went off without any major mishaps, which was certainly a great way to start off the New Year. The post dinner music was of the DJ variety which meant that impromptu bad playing of wind and percussion instruments was not reprised, maybe that was a good thing. However, it was unanimously proclaimed a great evening by all, which indeed it was. New Year is different for everyone and I hope that whatever you did was successful and enjoyable, I am just pleased that the club has provided a venue and atmosphere for celebration that we should be very encouraged by, so thanks to all of those who helped make it happen, staff and members alike.

We have four Captain Pro challenge matches actually booked over the next month, which is super, with a very large number on the list who are waiting for slightly better conditions before agreeing dates. That is fine by me, we have a lot of challenges to get through so they need to be spread throughout the year and I really don't believe that the word 'wimps' could have slipped from Danny's lips, he is just too nice for that.

More good news, its bullet point time;

  • As previously noted, the main bar refurbishment works are planned to start on 7 January 2019 and will run through to 24 January, apologies for the inconvenience, food and drinks will be available as usual in the George Low bar.
  • Burns Night is sold out, I believe a reserve list is in operation.
  • The Peter Duce Christmas golf day was slightly less well attended this year but it was still the usual perennial success. We will help Peter to publicise the event more this year and I am sure that the numbers will rise for this very traditional club day. Well done Peter.
  • The Bush Babies day ran like Swiss cheese clockwork under the velvet encased, steel hand of Brian McDermott. The Bush Babies events are certainly worthy of your interest if you are not a Bush Guarder or Bush National, please check with Brian about membership and annual events.
  • Please note that the first leg of the Mike Clarke quiz league starts a week earlier this year on Friday January 18. Lists are up in the George Low bar but with only 4 teams currently registered. Mike would like to see some more entries please to make this a fun and viable event.

OK, this is a short blog to get the year started but don't worry, there will be plenty going on soon to see the rightful expansion back to bloated size very soon.



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Captain's Announcements
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