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 Captains Blog Stardate - 1812.27(27 December 2018)

Interregnum Greetings,

Not technically correct but a nice word which sort of indicates a pause between two periods, in this case Christmas and New Year. I really hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did and are now looking forward to the New Year celebrations. Which brings us a little closer to the big day for Robbie "Rules", his grin is definitely broadening.

This blog must be brief, no one has time or inclination for a full-blown session, but I must bring you up to date with the latest on the Captain Pro challenges. On the Friday a week before Christmas, a challenge from two ladies was postponed due to awful weather but this will be rearranged for later next year. On Friday before Christmas, two more ladies threw down the mitten. Hazel "The Hair" Goodyear and Alison "Stiletto" Towndrow meant business and twisted the knife, opting for a Foursomes format. Whilst Danny and I cruised to a comfortable four up early on, the most incredible come back was launched which left us decidedly shakily positioned at 1 up with 2 to play. Being of a jovial disposition, I got the feeling that the ladies deliberately eschewed the opportunity to go all square at the 17th allowing Danny and I to conclude the match without the ignominy of a fight up the 18th. The reality was that the match was electric and more fun than was reasonable on a late December day and our thanks go to this deadly duo for a genuine challenge which benefited more than just the charity.

Two days later saw the challenge of the dynamic duo of The Big G (Vice Captain Mr Evans) and his partner in crime Varnavas "Cruiser" Christofi. As we had anticipated, this turned out to be a bloody and bruising affair fought to near death in fourball format. Due to a strict non-disclosure clause in Big G's pro challenge contract, no further details can be divulged but I can tell you that after the match, Danny sent his irons away for a deep re-groove. Danny and I were lucky to crawl over the line and register a win, against the odds with the Charity really the true winner.

My genuine thanks go to all of the challengers to date. Without you, the event would be truly a non-starter and we are looking forward with a degree of trepidation to the challenges that await us.

Many members have requested shorter blogs, they just don't have the stamina but in response to this we move immediately to the bullet points;

  • The Club Christmas party last Saturday was simply sensational, with The Towers of Swing putting all those present through their musical paces – look out for a reprise with the boys next year.
  • The main bar refurbishment works are planned to start on 7 January 2019 and will run through to 24 January. The bar will be closed during that period and we apologise for the inconvenience and again ask for your patience and understanding during the works. Plans of the proposed works will be available for your inspection very soon.
  • As previously noted Burns Night will be held on Burns Night this year and is basically sold out. This will be the first opportunity for our new head chef Simon to be put through his paces so check with the team to see if any spaces are still available.
  • The New Year's Eve celebrations will be traditionally held on 31st December this year, which is nice and again Debbie may be able to squeeze in one or two more but this may be a reserve list only by now.
  • The social sub-committee are to be congratulated on their work to date and they would like it to be known that if anyone else wishes to assist, you will be very welcome, please contact myself or Stewart for details.

Ok, I must leave you now, I need to practice for the Bush Babies Christmas do on Friday, so have a great New Year and I look forward to seeing you all in 2019.



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