Captains Blog Stardate - 1212.12(21 December 2018)


On this day in 1937, Jane Fonda was born, which was great – without that event who would have played Barbarella? So many questions, so few answers.

Well, anyway, the next big day has almost arrived. What wouldn't you give to see the grin expand across the chubby cheeks of Robbie 'Rules' Martin on the big day when the new Rules of Golf are finally implemented? January 1st 2019 is almost upon us – will you be ready to grasp the new rules? It has to be said that not everyone bothers with the rules and in the right circumstances that's fine, but in competitive golf rules and etiquette set the sport apart from others. The club website has links to some of the videos which help explain and visualise some of the new rules, plus there are links to great info and resources on the A&R website. The Rules Guru and the A&R app are both well recommended resources which you can download free from the links on our website. There is also a link below to a very good video which has been doing the rounds and is really quite good. The club have some literature on the notice board in the George Low bar and the top 20 rule changes will be displayed in the pro shop. Our old score cards will need reprinting very soon and this will be the opportunity to get the details right. In the meantime, any changes to local rules will be printed with some of the more relevant rule changes and these will be available to supplement our existing score cards. The new rules seminar will be hosted by Robbie Martin and David Dickinson during Happy Hour on 11 January 2019, which will be well worth attending; more details to follow.

Whilst on the subject of rules, please remember that the 'silt mound' on the right of the 14th /right of the 18th fairway is GUR, which allows you to take a drop without penalty if your ball enters the roped-off zone. The mound is stabilising but we would request that you do not attempt to retrieve balls from here yet, there are still some very soft areas which could be dangerous.

Sadly, Jenny Benge has been made an offer she could not refuse and therefore will be leaving us as the club closes for Christmas. It seems hardly conceivable that Jenny has been with us for three and a half years. Jenny's time has seen major changes at the club, many of which would not have been seen coming, and Jenny remained professional and has developed into a very capable and experienced marketing manager. She will be missed by us all at the club. However, a young talent like Jenny needs to be challenged and I know that we all wish her the best in her new career path.

On a very similar but totally different vein, Debbie has undergone an operation to fix a naughty disc in her spine. Debbie will be in hospital until the weekend and will be convalescing for at least two weeks but keeping her from the action will be difficult. When you next see her please handle her gently; it will be light duties for some months until she is back in full action. Get well soon Debbie and have a great Christmas and New Year.

Here are the Christmas bullet points;

  • The Turkey Trot was a real success; thanks to those who attended and congratulations to the winners, Oz Hassan and David (268) Morris.
  • The Winter Festival was sadly hit by horrid weather last week. Congratulations go to Sue Coates for masterminding the event and the very brave ladies who manned the mulled wine stall for the club, well done everyone.
  • It's been a successful Christmas period at the club with the last of the parties coming over this weekend, leaving just the New Year celebration event in 2018. There may be a very few places left so talk to Stewart or Jenny and they will do their best to fit you in. I will see you there.
  • The Christmas party this Saturday is scheduled at 7.00 for 7.30 with optional black tie.
  • The main bar refurbishment works are planned to start on 7 January 2019 and will run through to 24 January. The bar will be closed during that period and we apologise for the inconvenience and again ask for your patience and understanding during the works. Plans of the proposed works will be available for your inspection very soon.
  • The club's new head chef, Simon Greenfield, will be joining us on 14 January 2019. Alasdair will still be with us for the following week so you will have an opportunity to say goodbye if you miss him before the New Year.
  • Burns Night will be held on Burns Night this year, reserve your place now, places are really filling rapidly. More details to follow shortly.

It just remains for me to wish every member and all staff of Bush Hill Park GC a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Thanks go to you all for helping me with the first 3 months of my captaincy. It is an honour to be your club captain, which I do my very best to uphold and maintain.

Have a great holiday, keep well and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2019.



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