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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate - 0312.14(6 December 2018)

Welcome Dear Reader,

I adore the concept of time, don't you, and why do we perceive this as only travelling in one direction? This blog must be short by popular demand since strangely, I am running out of time, which is another interesting paradox.

Firstly, unfortunately a very short report on the latest Captain Pro Challenge. Veni, vidi, vici, which from the perspective of Len "Peaky Blinder Palmer and Rob "Wide Boy" Mitchell was reasonably accurate. The challengers were in prime condition and on the day were just too good for Danny and myself and ran out worthy 2 and 1 winners. It was a brilliant game and Peaky truly found some sublime form and the Wide Boy was right there when needed and despite winning, the challengers donated generously to the MacMillan charity, thank you gentlemen very much indeed. A tough act to follow then but Danny and I will be back, better and stronger than ever and ready for our next challenge.

Did you manage to complete the article on electronic booking, if so I hope it made total sense but for anyone who failed to complete or missed it, there is a truncated version in the bullets points below.

Now in the interest of brevity, here are the bullet points;

  • This Sunday is the Turkey Trot, be there or be forever square – Bacon rolls, mince pies in the hut, 6 nearest the pin prizes and a Mr Peachey voucher for the winners. Sign up, turn up but just be there.
  • Congratulations to David Knott in recording a hole in one in the winter league last week, absolutely brilliant David.
  • The Winter Festival will be hosted by the club this Saturday, there will be some disruption and driving in and out of the car park may be different so please be patient and aware of visitors who may not know their way around. I know you will take any problems in your stride, so enjoy the day if you are around and a big thank you to you all for your help and understanding with this inaugural event.
  • Please consider joining us at the club for New Year's Eve celebrations and despite Vince Kelly once saying when's that, this year it will be held on 31 December. (anyone else know Vince Kelly?)
  • Electronic Booking Truncated Version: 1 Get ClubV1 Hub app, 2 Get BRS app, 3 Use the booking tab in drop down menu in ClubV1 app, 4 Done.
  • John "Saracen" White and his band of men, organised, printed and distributed 4000 leaflets in a membership drive which they initiated, resulting a lot of response and several new social members joining – Fantastic, well done team.
  • Donboyo Trimmer has continued to find discrepancies within our published golf events literature, thanks for that, this helps us make corrections and make it better for everyone – and that's nice.

Time to go, contact me to discuss any points as usual,

See you around the club,



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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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