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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate - 6512.06(6 December 2018)

Welcome to Week no.49,

Where has the year that didn't seem to start, gone?

Last Saturday afternoon at the club, saw the resurrection of the Bush Hill Park Golf Club children's Christmas party. I don't have the exact numbers but at least 45 children were booked in to see Sally Squiggles do her stuff and we think the actual number was closer to 50. The party was a raging success with the children looking equally shocked and amazed when Santa finally arrived to see them.

I must congratulate the professional team on this success, the online booking system was obviously seen as a natural tool for a huge percentage of the attendees, the majority of whom where neither playing nor social members. Respect also to Di "Middlesex" who saw the attendees as a captive market and jumped at the opportunity to canvas them all. It seems that she may have been pretty successful too, several expressed an interest in playing at the club and they will hopefully be in contact, nice one Di.

Thanks also go to the big blonde Elf who helped Santa and kept him under control in the steamy atmosphere of the Sally Squiggles emporium and then provided him with nice cool Shipyard, when his duties were over.

The ladies section Christmas Fayre was held at the club today and as usual was extremely well attended, congratulations go to Lucy Bidmead for once again organising a fantastic event. I turned up to buy some gin olive oil from one of the stalls and I bumped into loads of members plus Fiona and her mum, which was nice. The success of the event is measured by the attendances, the funds raised and the fun of the event. Once again, the ladies section has done what they excel at, well done Chris and your team.

Before we get to the Captain Pro Challenge, I must mention the Pro 4Ball draw held last Sunday. It was gratifying to see 20 guys turn up for the draw when the weather was more than iffy, plus the month holds a total of three consecutive Sunday draw events. Clearly the lure of Big G's mince pies in the hut did the trick, or was it the nearest the pin treats, who knows but it was successful other than one small point. Our GM let me down on the perforated label front so we needed to improvise. This wasn't too bad but the lack of scissors soon became a problem. The solution was radical, but simple. I decided that each player should call out a number from 1 to 20 and this would correspond with the player drawn on the list. To me and my trusty assistant, John '200 Club', this seemed like great idea, to the rest of the room this was considered likely to be a cast iron disaster. The remainder of the room were correct. It all happened so fast and John '200 Club's'(?) old quill just could not keep pace with proceedings. I think disaster may be a bit harsh, but it was on the right lines. Fortunately, the guys all took it brilliantly and somehow they all remembered who they were drawn with, so it kind of went off alright. I can't remember who the winners were but this will be documented in triplicate in Danny's newsletter and thanks again to all who played.

The excitement has probably reached its zenith, so here is the report on the Captain Pro Challenge that was played in parallel to the Pro 4Ball draw. Not played 'in it' of course, because that would be against the rules of golf. The challengers were Alex 'Baby Face' Watson and James 'Killer' Peters, two local low level assassins. They chose a better ball format, at which, I must admit Danny and I exchanged what can only be described as wry smiles. That may have been our first mistake. Whilst Danny and I raced into a 4 hole lead by about the 11th, the fightback from then on was utterly brutal. Subsequently, I think that the tactics employed on both sides were probably legal but 'it was golf Jim, but not as we know it'. Full respect to the challengers, they pulled it back and the game finished as an honourable draw. None of us can remember the details and its best not to try but it was a wonderful match and Danny and I sincerely thank the lads for entering the challenge and the spirit with which the game was played. Plus, it's another tenner for the charity. The next challenge is this Sunday and the gauntlet has been chucked down by Len "Peaky Blinder" Palmer and Rob "Wide Boy" Mitchell. Danny and I need to take this very seriously, the "Wide Boy" has lost over a stone in training and "Peaky Blinder" has cleaned his clubs, both very worrying signs, watch this space for the ensuing result.

Ok, less drivel and on to some bullet points;

  • For clarity, last weeks note which mentioned Beaujolais Day was not a criticism of that event, it was just an example of where the background team need to aware of requirements and we think bringing all golfing through the Captain's Committee will help resolve that – Peter "Dapper" Beton is a resident hero who initiated The Beaujolais Day and without whom, the frisson of the event will be diminished.
  • Christmas events are fully booked, time to think about New Year at the club.
  • Entry for the Turkey Trott on Sunday 16 December is now open, signing up in advance would be appreciated but not mandatory – please see my article on sign up, to be published soon.
  • REPRISE : The club is the host venue for the N21 Winter Festival this year, which will be held on Saturday 15 December. This is a new event for the club, there may be a little disruption to normal activities on the day but this event will be high profile and promises to be a commercial and promotional asset.

Please contact me if you want to chat over any of the stuff above or anything else.

See you around,



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Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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