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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate - 2027.13(23 November 2018)

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome (wrong script)

We start today with the news that Niall Longworth has joined the club as a full member and on your behalf I would like to extend a super BHP welcome. I hope that Niall will quickly get into the swing and perhaps join us for the special Turkey Trott draw in December, more details on that to follow.

When is an open secret like an open sandwich? Well I don't know the answer to that one but I can elaborate on an open secret that is secreting it's way through the club. It is true that two members, to be known as The Benefactors, have pledged a significant donation to the club, for the express purpose of renewing the furniture to the main bar. The sofas, tables and chairs in the main bar are subject to a fair amount of use, although not as much as we would like, and they are definitely in need of attention. Some may describe the sofas as grubby but of course, I couldn't possibly comment, the dining chairs are often wobbly and ideally the whole room could do with revitalising.

Changing the furniture alone was considered to be missing a golden opportunity to provide the injection of excitement that the main bar really requires. Therefore, we considered how we could raise funding which would not impact on the club's tight resources but would allow us to combine new furniture with the feeling of a new room. Where better to go for cheap money than our friends at Marstons, the club's brewery. Many of us are not aware of the negotiations that have gone on to achieve the supply deal that the club currently enjoys. I can assure you that it is a very good deal for the club and we have been quoted as being within the top 30 customs in terms of discounted terms, in a customer base of over 9,500, which to me is pretty amazing.

We enjoy great terms, sponsorship and other support, such as the Bombadier bus but we wanted more, and we got it. An interest free loan has been agreed and the really spooky bit is that we will only pay back roughly half the amount which we will receive, in cash. It's one of those deals that seems too good to be true but for once it actually is, how brilliant is that.

To cut this down a bit, the situation now is that we have The Benefactors, The Brewery and a loan from the limited company, which our Treasurer Martyn, is applying for, which will allow us to go ahead with plan exciting plan. Martyn has been introduced a bit more of a commercial view to the club finances and the loan from the limited club will be scheduled for repayment over a period of time to ensure that our assets are not eroded and are effectively protected.

I hope you are as excited by this plan as I am and I will be providing much more detail on this very soon but if you want more on this now please just contact me, Stewart or John 'Mr. Fabric' Bottoms and we will be delighted to discuss this with you.

As the year races to a close, there seems to be more stuff I would like to get out in the blog but this one needs to be short, so let's get into the bullet points right now.

  • The Outlaw Cyclists return to BHP was a success, similar events like this to follow.
  • The Beaujolias Day was an unmitigated success, thanks primarily go to Peter 'Wine Club' Beaton plus all those who contributed. Well done to Lisa Martin, Chris Littler, Richard Blythe and Peter Ottery who won with a staggering 96 points. The finer details of the day may not be remembered by Mr Fabric, our Treasurer and Peter 'bonhomie' Duce, who were last seen late last night inspecting the dust on the bar top.
  • Tonight is Prize Presentation Evening – Be there or be square, it promises to be good fun.
  • The Christmas events are looking good but more support would always be welcomed and nice.
  • Look out for the Turkey Trott events in December, more to follow later.
  • The first Captain Pro Challenge will take place on Sunday morning – Danny believes the result is a foregone conclusion, not sure what he means but I will be reporting back on this one. As Danny likes to put it, our first victims challengers will be John '200 Club' Worroll and our illustrious Treasurer. Thank you to those of you who have booked a challenge, this could develop into something very nasty for Danny and me but I am looking forward to seeing how much pressure Danny can take before the blows.
  • Apologies for difficulties with club contact and bookings earlier this week, the incoming internet service was down which scuppered most of our telecom and IT systems.

If you want to chat over any of the stuff above or anything else that interests or concerns you, please do contact me.

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