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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog Stardate 1956.25(15 November 2018)

Hej allesammen,

If you are reading this now, it is likely that I am in Copenhagen, hence the Danish salutation, which I am sure Russell will appreciate.

I must begin with an apology and a correction to an item in last week's blog. It has been pointed out that one of the winners of the Autumn Vases was in fact Terry 'Dooner' Collins and not Derek 'Dooner' Collins as previously publicised, anyway, well done Dooner.

You know, I don't think that we are the best at passing on information about members who may be unwell or injured. The ladies section handle this reasonably well but as a club we could probably do better. On this note, I recently found out that Jon Welch, a founder member of the High Noon Challenge, lost two front teeth in an unfortunate and freak accident on the course. Let's send our best wishes to Jon for a swift and complete recovery.

If you know anybody that is unwell or injured, please pass it on and we can relay your best wishes via the blog, assuming that this does not run into the hundreds, since some say the blog is too long already.

Now for some bad news. You may have heard that The Boy from Batley had his clubs stolen from his car last year, when parked on his driveway at home. The same happened to Pete Eskesen recently, although his car was parked on his own driveway, not on the driveway of TBfB. However, the message here is clear, try not to leave clubs in your car or at least have them locked and out of sight.

Slightly more sinister, is that there have been recent reports of thefts of belongings from the men's changing room. Neil Hurst 'lost' an heirloom Rolex watch from his bag in the changing room a few weeks ago. Financially this was unfortunate but sentimentally it was devastating. The thought of a thief amongst the membership is disturbing and hopefully not correct but please be sensible with your belongings and report any suspicious circumstances to our staff as soon as possible.

I understand that more competitive fun' golf would be welcomed by many of our members. To try this out we are proposing to change the format of one of the forthcoming Pro 4Ball draws to a Texas Scramble and we will see how this is received. If you have any thoughts on this or other formats which you would like to see played, please let me know.

Di 'Middlesex' Williams will be at full throttle to promote junior golf at BHP this year. Di will be working with Danny and his team to raise the profile of the club for juniors with a raft of initiatives and programmes. As we all know, Nicola is extremely popular with the juniors that we currently have at the club but they only represent a fraction of the numbers that Di is planning to attract. The benefits of a vibrant junior section are fully appreciated and it is time that we challenged our nearest neighbours for the crown of best junior section. The success of this venture will be determined mostly by sheer hard work, if you feel that you could contribute, please contact Di or Danny and see what difference you could make.

One of the biggest criticisms of the club that I hear is the lack of information and publicity that is provided to the members. In this voracious digital age, how can this be possible? We disseminate information by email, blog, web site, face book, Instagram, Youtube, twitter and the Bush Telegraph. How is it conceivable that members can say, I didn't know that, I didn't receive that email and other similar statements. The fact is, that it is true and as Boxer in Animal Farm always said, we must work harder, but of course he couldn't work a computer. Communication is key and we must make it work for us, in every format that we can, which includes talking to each other about events and club activities. At the recent Captain's committee it was agreed to run media on the mobile TV monitor, now located in the hall, to show current and upcoming events in a way that would be eye catching. Stewart very quickly got this going and I think it works, have you noticed it yet? Also, we will be going old school and using large posters on the easel, which will hopefully be highly visible. We will be trying hard to provide as much information as possible in as many formats as possible, let's see how we get on.

Right, now for what you have been waiting for, it's bullet points time;

  • The Outlaw Cyclists are playing (today) this Friday 16 November. This gig will coincide with the Happy Hour and entry will be completely free.
  • The ubiquitous Beaujolais Day event will be held next week, you may still be able to join in but it's definitely going to be a squeeze.
  • Prize Presentation Evening 23 November – many pre-registrations, so I'll see you there.
  • The Pro Shop news letter is worth a read this week even though I couldn't find a reference to me in it, surely there must be some mistake.
  • The ladies section will present their usual Christmas Fayre on Thursday 6 December, mulled wine?
  • The club will also be hosting an external Christmas Fayre this year, more details to follow or check it out now with Sue Coates or Billie Newland
  • Almost all Christmas events are sold out but check with Debbie for possible cancelations and please consider signing up for New Years Eve. Last week there were over 60 registered, I think this will be worth a go, I can guarantee a fun night.
  • Book your kids, grand kids and friends kids in to see Father Christmas at the club on Saturday 1 December for an experience they will not forget.

That's enough torture for now, see you next week.

Keeeeeep Golfing©


Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captains Announcements


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