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Captain's Announcements

​Captains Blog stardate 1361.5 (8 November 2018)

Buongiorno a tutti,
Excellent news, this week we welcome Susan Craig to the club, who has joined us as a Lifestyle member. Susan was a regular player some years ago and now wants to resurrect her game with us at Bush Hill. Susan wants to get involved in all aspects of the club so you will probably get to meet her quite soon.

Following on from a couple of points raised last week, the Pro Draw was played last Sunday with the added attraction of being played for the newly branded President's Autumn Vases, which was deservedly won by Derek "Dooner' Collins and Ted Rees. In the absence of the replacement vases donor, Len Palmer, it was unilaterally decided that a vase each should be retained by the winners and not returned to the club as it
had said on the box. The new branding now requires the club President to provide new vases for each year that the competition is played, which is nice. It's usually a good idea to change stuff when the person that originally did the stuff is not around but on this occasion, I am certain that Len would approve.

The next point is that the Captain Pro challenge now has more matches booked, with one being scheduled
for Sunday 25 November, it could have been the week before but Tracey and I will be visiting Logan in
Copenhagen that weekend. Danny inadvertently described the challengers as our first victims, but I quite
like that description, it could add a bit of spice to the match.

I now have a bunch of interested members willing to contribute towards developing the social scene at the
club. So far, we have only had some individual conversations and not managed to meet all together, which
is fundamentally my fault. I hope to remedy this with a meeting next week. I have great hopes for this
initiative and you will hear more in due course but don't forget if you want to contribute, please feel free
to let me know.

I would like to make a quick reference to my Charity, McMillan Cancer Support. Following the Autumn
Vases, a spare £5 from the sweep was donated to the charity which immediately prompted John "200
Club" Worroll to donate £20 in exchange for a season ticket, or insurance against playing a ball into the
lake on the 13th . I thought that this was a brilliant gesture from John, considering I had not even announced
this as the plan for this year. Therefore, belatedly, may I inform you that should you play a ball into the
lake on the 13th it would be appreciated if you would donate a £1 to the charity. Alternatively, you could
take up the option of a season ticket as John has done and you will receive a beautiful certificate in return.
Well done John, you have really set the ball rolling in great style and thank you again.
The club has now received a plethora of stuff from McMillan and this will be distributed around very soon
and if you like green tee shirts, you are in luck.

Bullet points time;
 The Beaujolais Day event is virtually full but worth a try if you want to join in.
 The Outlaw Cyclists are back on Friday 16 November, unfortunately I can't make it, hopefully you
 Prize Presentation Evening 23 November – I understand that at least 50 people have pre-registered
for what is likely to be a real hoot, see you there.
 You can't keep Group Captain Wafford out of the news, not unexpectedly he won a nearest the pin
last Sunday, generously allowing Dave Morris (268) to win the other one on offer.

 Clive Prior was disappointed not to have had a full name check in the blog last week, so apologies
to Clive "Peroni" Prior for that oversight.
 Ian Lanario is at it again. Having seen me sporting my new golf apparel, adorned with Club Captain
embellishments, he suggested that I should model Danny's latest lines on the course each week,
along with a photo in the blog, stupid boy Pike, no wait a minute…… Danny…..
 Check out the Pro Shop news letter for up to the minute results and competition news.
 It was good to see JJ amongst the 28 who played for the President's Autumn Vases along with
returning member Chris Vowles and a load of other lovely familiar faces. Big G will be relatively
happy with the numbers but if he asks you to turn up for the Pro Draw anytime, please just agree
and do it, it will be so much easier to comply and I think you will enjoy it.

No space for any more,
Best wishes


Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Ladies Captain's Announcements


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