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Captain's Announcements

Captains Blog stardate 1347.8(2 November 2018)

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I would like to welcome Gary Dearle to the club this week. Gary is a Lifestyle member and is looking forward to resurrecting his golf and his handicap with us here at Bush Hill Park. I know that Stewart has extended a warm welcome to Gary and informed him of the Pro 4-Ball Draw scheduled for this Sunday and I would like to endorse that invitation.

Last week I mentioned the Captain and Pro Challenge. Since then, I hope that you will have received an email from me detailing the challenge and how Danny and I propose to administer this. Currently, we have four pairs who have thrown down the gauntlet and Danny and I will be making the necessary arrangements to get this going. Once we get started, I think that the challenge will quickly gain momentum so look out for the results and get your names down if you feel you are up for it.

We convened our inaugural Captain's Committee meeting this last Monday as notified last week. Surprisingly, in my opinion this went off quite well. Virtually everyone arrived on time and we kept the meeting duration down to about two and a half hours. Kindly, Stewart agreed to take the minutes, leaving me free to referee chair the occasion. Not surprisingly we seemed to have plenty of stuff to get through but there was nothing specific brought to the meeting from you, the members. Please feel free to raise points that you would wish to be brought to your committee's attention. The resulting meeting minutes will continue to be posted on the club's website.

After the meeting we followed protocol and adjourned to the bar. As you will remember, the salsa club meet and virtually take over the main bar on most Monday evenings. This week was no exception and they dressed the main bar in Halloween style and I have to say it was truly fantastic. It seemed to be a huge effort for just one night but well worth it. I am not too sure what the Bridge club made of it but I think we could learn quite a bit from the enthusiasm of the salsa club. By the way, everyone is welcome to frequent the bar on a Monday night. The music is pretty good and you could join the dancers if you want to polish up your moves. Also, I think that they would definitely encourage you to join their club and there would be no harm in just turning up occasionally just to watch or even join in.

This year, we are really going to focus on club Social activities. Not only is a vibrant club more appealing to the members but has the added benefit of providing much needed additional revenue. Over the last few years, it has not been possible to attract anyone to take the Chair of Social. This is not surprising since it is a mammoth task. To help resolve this, my plan is to put together what will in effect be a sub-committee, to enable the workload to be spread around and to help generate new ideas. I contacted a small number of members to see if we could get this to work and I am delighted to say that they have agreed to meet, with a view to establishing the sub-committee and taking the concept forward. The meeting date has not yet been agreed but if you think that you could contribute in any way at all, please let me know and you can be included in the initial meeting which will hopefully pave the way forward.

OK, time for some bullet points;

  • The Beaujolais Day event is filling up, get in while you can, if it's not too late.
  • Great news, Band Night is back and The Outlaw Cyclists are returning to the club on Friday 16 November – this coincides with the Happy hour plus there will be no entry fee. Further details are on the notice boards.
  • This Sunday is Pro 4-Ball Draw day, which incorporates the Autumn Vases competition. Sadly, Big G will miss this, being on holiday, again. However, together Big G and myself will be providing biscuits to go with your coffee before playing, sausage rolls in the hut plus two nearest the pin holes with prizes in each case. Please come along and join in what could be a great morning.
  • The Salsa Class meets The Bridge Club was messy, as was expected, but fortunately was masked by the plethora of Halloween decorations.
  • There is an unsubstantiated rumour that there may be a return of The Fabric of the Week but let's wait and see.
  • Prize Presentation Evening 23 November – this will be worth attending, it could all kick off with the combo of Happy Hour and a free drink for everyone at the bar, courtesy of the winners. Nice.
  • Prior to playing in a Rangers match at Enfield recently, I berated Tracey for having shrunk my black woollen golf jumper, something for which she has previous, only to find later that it was her black jumper not mine – Sorry darling.
  • Nice to see some members come to Nicola's aid earlier in the week. Group Captain Peter Wafford and Sub-Lieutenant Tony Thorley were spotted carrying large buckets of practice balls and Clive Prior together with the perennially effervescent boy from Batley, were seen kick starting the ball retrieval cart which had broken down. Well done those men, well worthy of a mention in despatches.

See you at the Club.

Best wishes


Ladies Captain's Announcements
Ladies Captain's Announcements


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