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Captains Blog stardate 13752.8 (26 October 2018)

Hello Funsters,

I can now see why our Immediate Past Captain (IPC) became fixated with the weather. It seems a natural ice breaker for the blog and I guess as Brits, it is a national obsession. Anyway, we have seen more decent weather over the last week but make the most of your golfing at the weekend if you can, wetter weather is on the horizon, metaphorically speaking.

Many years ago, the Captain and Pro challenge was a big deal. It was high profile because it was played on a Sunday morning when the course was virtually full. The men retired to the bar for 1.00 p.m. notices delivered by the Captain together with the result of the challenge match, which delivered much kudos to all involved. Times have changed significantly since then and at least one result is that there is no longer a great number of players on the course, who all congregate at roughly the same time in the bar for notices, chit chat and results of the all important, challenge. Our IPC tried hard to raise the profile of the challenge last year, including playing at virtually any sensible time required and extending an invitation to everyone. Our professional Danny was fully committed to the event and as a result of some tough lobbying, probably around a dozen matches were played. We are promoting the challenge again during my year and at the moment we have one challenge booked in. Danny is worried that the challenge will actually be a personal one for him specifically, apparently, he does not fancy carrying me for 18 holes and that's almost a verbatim quote. However, like our IPC, I shall continue to promote the challenge, if not just for the novelty value alone but if you have any ideas on how we could improve interest in this event, please let Danny or myself know, as soon as possible.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to two new social members, Martin Luxton and Stephen Went plus a returning social member, Dennis King.

Now for the bullet points that you were waiting for;

  • The Christmas parties are pretty much booked, please contact Debbie for actual availability and reserve lists – just get in where you can
  • Please book for New Year's Eve at the club, it will be a good one and as Vince Kelly memorably once said at Old Finchleians, when is New Year's Eve?
  • Our first Captain's Committee meeting will be held on 29 October, please let me or the committee know of any points which you would like raised or considered
  • Great Monday Night combo at the club, The Salsa Class meets The Bridge Club ?
  • Prize Presentation evening is set for Friday 23 November, nicely following Happy Hour, which could add to the fun
  • Rapidly approaching is Beaujolais Day on 22 November, signup sheet in the George Low bar for this perennially popular event, obviously nothing to do with the wine
  • The Children's Christmas party is making a return this year, more details to follow
  • No film recommendation this week but a confession, I am now addicted to Breaking Bad

See you at the club,

Best wishes


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