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Ray Ripsher - Club Captain

Captain's Blog star date 1367.8 (19 October 2018)


That's another week gone by and the weather has been tremendous. We are somewhat short on rainfall, as Graham Careford will protest, with some justification and there is a distinct nip in the air, I assume that's still an acceptable comment in 2018, but this has been a glorious October. Enjoy warm dry golfing whilst you can, it cannot last.

We need to warmly welcome Isabelle Amico, Charlie & Jack Bidmead as new junior members also Bartlomiej (Bart) Favy as a Lifestyle member and John Agass and Chris Roper as new social members. I look forward to meeting you soon and if you make yourself known to me I will gladly buy you a drink in the Clubhouse.

Talking of new members brings me nicely on to the Pro Draw, AKA the 4 Ball Draw. Just in case you are not aware, this is held on the morning of the first Sunday in every month. The next draw will be on Sunday 4 November and the principle is for anyone to turn up and as the name suggests, we are drawn for partners. The great thing about this, beside the longstanding tradition, is that some very unexpected partnerships are thrown up and new members get a chance to mix in straight away. There has been a positive drive over the last year to raise awareness and encourage more members to come along and we are continuing that theme this year. To add a little bit to the mix, the Vice Captain (Big G) Graham Evans and myself will be stocking the hut on each drawn Sunday with irresistible goodies to provide a quick tea or coffee and a munch at the 13th.

Now for some blog shortening bullet points;

  • The Captain's Away day arrangements are progressing well and a short list has been drawn up of potential venues. This will be an over-nighter with the emphasis on quality, comfort and somewhere different if at all possible. The date was set as 19 May 2019 with the idea that this will be a celebration of the new season, giving us a chance to get together and enjoy some golf when the courses are close to their peak. We need some idea of numbers so Big G and myself will be talking with you to get you on board.
  • One Captain's privilege is to have a personal BRS booking fag, currently mine is the lovely Steve Ames. Recently Steve has struggled with the system and on occasions, it has steadfastly refused to allow Steve access, please let me know if you have had similar problems.
  • I attended the WHCCGS Annual Dinner Dance at the club last Saturday, as an officially invited guest from the club. This was a great evening, very well attended and those boys know how to party. This is an important, local society and it is brilliant to see it still thriving after formation back in 1951.
  • Competitive golf continues and all match and competition results will be published in Danny's weekly newsletters.
  • I saw First Man at the Everyman cinema with Tracey last week, brilliant film and another Ryan Gosling triumph, well recommended.

See you soon,

Best wishes

Ray Ripsher

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