You've all heard the news that the committee have made the decision to terminate the catering franchise and I for one will be sad to see Alasdair go. He will be disappointed to leave Bush Hill, where he has enjoyed more than 14 years, but he is pragmatic about the nature of franchises and I am confident he will find somewhere where he can be happy once again. For the club, taking the catering in house will be a challenge, there's no doubt, but, as always we must look positively at the opportunity and try to make it work for the betterment of Bush Hill Park.

Work on dredging the lake has progressed well this week, though the start was delayed because the dumper truck, booked for 8.30 Monday morning did not turn up until Tuesday afternoon! However, our boys have worked hard, putting in a lot of extra hours, to get on top of the job. It is amazing just how much silt had built up since the last time it was done in 1998. They've already found thousands of balls, a good proportion of which are mine I would think.

President's Day

Hats off to Nigel, our president, for the wonderful day we had on Saturday at his expense. The weather behaved itself, in fact it was very warm in the afternoon, and Nigel and his wife, Dee, waited on us at the hut, tempting us with pastries and other delicious fancies. A bit too tempting for some, as I noticed some of my group sneaking extra cakes in their bags when they thought no-one was looking.

The President's Prize itself was won in spectacular fashion by Mike Stainton who stormed home five shots clear of anyone else, with a magnificent 43 points. I know this was a particular triumph for Mike as he had never before won the President's Prize. Some of us are still trying Mike! There were no fewer than six people on 38 points, but the runner up was Nick Balnave and 3rd was Graham Corr. Not wanting to leave them out, the other 38ers were Graham Trimmer, Jon Copley, Chris Littler and Robert Clegg. Nearest the pin on the 16th was Dave Griffiths, nearest the pin in two on the 4th was Stephen Preston and nearest the pin in three on the 18th was Graham Edwards.

In the evening we sat down to a sumptuous meal and a fillet steak to die for. The meat was supplied by Nigel's son, a butcher in Grange Park. We then danced until the early hours. I thought my disco days were long behind me but I managed to re-discover a few moves that had lay dormant for many a year. Thanks Nigel, a day enjoyed by all.

Four-ball Draw

Tears all round at my final monthly draw last Sunday morning, or perhaps it was the sore heads from the night before. Fifteen people took part, and after some advanced mathematics I was able to calculate that we would have five teams of three! The results could have been found in a Hollywood script because the winners were the team of the Captain, the Vice-Captain and the professional – A fitting end to my year. We had 87 points, beating the fearsome team of Richard Blyth, Jon Copley and Iain Lanario only on the back nine. I have enjoyed the draws immensely this year, especially playing with Danny, who is a joy to play with.

Mixed Match v Enfield

A mixed friendly (if that isn't an oxymoron) match was held on Sunday at Enfield Golf Club. Thanks to Mark Stevens and Janet Connor for organising our team and setting a personal best in persuading five couples to play. Not only that, these couples all won their matches, thus taking Enfield to the proverbial cleaners 5 – 0.

Cross Country

Yesterday (Thursday) was the cross country event which has grown in popularity in the last few years. Our course does not really lend itself to this kind of competition because of the three fields. If we tried to cross the boundaries of these fields we would have health and safety officers swooping down on us like a committee of vultures (yes that is the collective noun for vultures). Three people scored 19 points, but the winner on the back three holes was Sean Nugent. Your Captain was second, but I can't be cross, Sean is too nice a fellow. Third was Ian McNally. Thanks to Danny for organising the event, no easy task I can tell you.

Captain/Pro Match

You don't play a match for ages then two come along at once. Thursday we played Dave Morris and Nigel Hunnisett and we triumphed 2 and 1. But you know what they say about pride because the following day we were convincingly defeated by Mark Watts and Paul Millard by the crazy margin of 7 and 6. I'm still not over it!

Away Day

My away day at Aldwickbury Park Golf Club is this Sunday, which I am really looking forward to, despite it being a small select band of individuals. One or two still have to pay and I would be grateful if they could do this as soon as possible. Please pay the club. We have already paid Aldwickbury Park.

Coming Up

Ray Ellis Trophy – This is the annual match between the club and Winchmore Hill Cricket Club Golf Society. The date is Tuesday 18th September and a list has gone up in the George Low bar. We need 12 for a team.

Lambert Trophy – The final mixed competition of the year. 16th September. Sign up in the George Low bar.

Kruger Sovereign – A little earlier than normal on the Thursday 27th September.

AGM – 29th September.

September stableford tomorrow. Bring your brolly.

Speak next week.