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Captain's Day for the Ladies

This was the highlight of my week and what started as quite a cold day ended up being glorious. 34 ladies competed for my Captain's prize, which was won in stunning style by Sarah Rees with 41 points. Angela Balnave was second with an excellent 38 points, beating the Lady Captain on the back nine. Jenny Pizey won the vets prize with 30 points. Una Kilgallon won nearest the pin on the 13th and Angela Balnave won nearest the pin on the 4th in two shots. If Captain's Day for the men is half as good as this was it will be a great day. Thank you ladies.

Captain's Day

Tomorrow, assuming you're reading this on Friday, is my Captain's Day for the men. This is one of the big days of the year. I've bought the prizes and the beers and cakes for the hut, so we're ready to go. The weather looks as though it will be fantastic so there is no reason why everyone shouldn't have a great time. There will be no cost to enter because I am supplying the prizes, though you can still enter the sweep if you wish, and if you feel generous, please don't forget my charity. There will be boxes in the shop where you can drop off your spare cash. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, a scratch prize (please remember to score on every hole if you want to win this one), a vets prize and nearest the pin on the 13th, the 4th (in two) and the 18th (in three). There will also be a mystery prize so don't despair if things aren't going well. One request I do have is that it would be very much appreciated if the winners can be present at the prize giving. I have to say it's very annoying when spending so much time in the preparation and prize winners are not present. Prize giving will be about 5.30 p.m. I hope. I look forward to seeing you all at some point during the round.

Wally Gatward Memorial Trophy

Presented in 1987 by the widow of Group Captain Wally Gatward who was a past president of the club and an enduring character. The trophy was played for last Saturday and, scoring an excellent 41 points, was won by John Mather. Runner-up on 40 points was Ben Savage. The competition is played in one division and 73 people competed.

American Cup

The annual match for married couples from Bush Hill and Enfield took place at BHP last Sunday. I can report that all competitors are still together despite the gruelling foursomes' medal format. Enfield outnumbered Bush Hill by 10 couples to four, as is often the case, and the first four places went to Enfield. The winners were Peter and Annie Scollen who scored an exceptional nett 67.

Coming Up

Ladies Invitation to the Gentlemen – The ladies invite a man of their choice and we play greensomes with a meal afterwards. You can't do much about this, gentlemen, as it is up to the ladies to invite you. However, you could give them a nudge; perhaps they are feeling a bit shy.

Cross Country – 12th July. If you always seem to be on the wrong fairway or out of position on the course, this is the competition for you. Sign up on the PSI.

Captain's Guest Day – 22nd July. Open to all full and six day members. Bring a friend for a sociable afternoon and evening meal. And don't forget ladies, you can bring a friend too. Don't let me down.

I have two messages to finish:

Next Thursday Bush Hill is hosting the annual Morelli society day and the course is fully booked until the evening. Don't forget you can make use of your reciprocal rounds of golf at North Middlesex, Hendon and Mill Hill.

Secondly, I have been asked to remind you to make sure you enter the result on the ClubV1 members' app if you win a knock-out match. It is the winner's responsibility to do this, not the loser's, and you don't want Jon Copley coming round with his red pen.

Speak next week.


Captain's Announcements
Ladies' Captain's Announcements


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