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Captain's Announcements

My head still aches from the Past Captains dinner on Wednesday evening, though I am assured I had a good time. The Past Captains Cup was held in the afternoon and was won by that man Morris, who some of you might just remember, used to be Captain. I have to say he played a magnificent round of golf, scoring 43 points and winning by the impressive margin of six points from Len Palmer. Well played Dave, though I have to say I wasn't trying very hard given that the present Captain was not allowed to win it!

Luther Smith

The first round of the Luther Smith competition was held at Enfield Golf Club last Saturday and it would seem that Bush Hill players were caught napping. The leading score was 65 by one of the Enfield members and the best of the Bush Hill contingent was a nett 70 by Jim Craggs. So there's a bit of work to be done if a Bush Hill player is going to lift the trophy this weekend, but I have every confidence in you all and I know you won't want to let your club down. We shall fight in the bunkers and in the hills; we shall never surrender. Too much?

Swing Studio

This week saw the opening of the new swing studio, which represents a significant commitment to improving the coaching provision at the club and I have to say is an impressive piece of kit. It can analyse your swing, can help you practise and it also enables you to play other courses. No longer are we limited to hitting just a 7 iron on the practise ground. If your driver is giving you problems you can have a lesson using that, or any other club. It can even help with bunker shots. It is simply a very clever piece of equipment and puts Bush Hill at the forefront of coaching development. I recommend you all have a go with it.


Now I know we are all fed up with all those surveys and questionnaires that we are forever being asked to complete when we buy so much as a pair of socks online. You will now have received a questionnaire from the club asking for your opinion on a range of issues from the course to the catering. It has been several years since our last one and is your opportunity to tell us what you think, and we will listen, I promise. I know it's a well worn cliché but we really are interested in your views and it's the only way we can make the right decisions about what you the members would like to see. So we really would appreciate you taking just a few minutes to complete.

Coming Up

Summer Madness – Next Thursday, 21st June. A fun four-ball draw. Shotgun start at 9.00 a.m. Sign up in the George Low bar.

Captain's Day – My Captain's day is only a few weeks away now, on the 30th June. This reminds me, I need to buy some prizes. No need to sign up for the golf, just turn up as usual. In the evening there will be a meal upstairs followed by a casino downstairs in the bar. They'll be a prize for the person who wins the most 'money'. Tables for the meal are beginning to fill up so don't delay booking, either on the website or speak to Debbie.

Cross Country – Your opportunity to deliberately play the wrong way round the course. The cross country is in the diary for the 12th July and you can sign up now on the PSI.

Thursday stablefords – don't forget the Thursday stableford competitions, which are open to everyone. Just sign in on the PSI in the usual way.

Finally, I have been asked to point out that if you enter a competition as a Lifestyle member the PSI machine does not automatically deduct your credits. You still have to advise the shop that you intend to play.

Enjoy the Luther Smith on Saturday, those of you who are playing, and I'll see you at the prize giving.

Speak next week.


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020