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Captain's Announcements

It was gratifying to see the club so lively on Friday night. People eating in the restaurant, drinking in the bar and enjoying the patio at the end of another hard week. This is what the club is all about and I look forward to more great evenings such as this.

June Medal

A brilliant score of 66 won Neil Hurst the June Medal in division 1 last Saturday. Dave Boss was runner up with a 68, beating Mark Stevens on the back 9. Division 2 was won by Prakash Kapur with a score of 69, beating Paul Millard and Oz Hassan by a single stroke, Paul taking the runner up spot on the back 9.

Shillingford Bowl

Only nine players took part in the Shillingford Bowl, which I can only deduce is because people just don't want to admit they are over 60! Graham Evans came out on top with a score of 69 and Michael Coughlan was runner up on 71.

Professional's Eclectic Draw

26 hopefuls took to the course on Sunday morning for the professional's second four-ball draw. Ted Rees, Ben Savage and Gary Droy won the morning with 82 points and Danny, Jon Hayes and your Captain were second on 80 points. It was a great morning and I especially enjoyed trading memories of the Grammar School with Jon Hayes, reliving the heady days before the National Curriculum, GCSE's or Ofsted inspections – happy days indeed!

Coming Up

Patio Night – Don't forget, Friday evening is 'Patio night' with happy hour from 6.00 to 8.00 p.m.

Summer Madness – 21st June. A fun four-ball draw. Shotgun start at 9.00 a.m. Sign up in the George Low bar.

Captain's Day – 30th June. Enjoy an evening at the casino and a Middle Eastern buffet upstairs. There's a prize for the person who wins the most money. Sign up on the wesite.

Captain's Guest Day – 22nd July so plenty of time to find a friend and bring them along for some golf and friendly banter. I'd like to open this up to the ladies as well so you can have men's pairs, ladies pairs or mixed pairs, it's up to you. More details later.

New Members

We may have some new takers for the mixed as Amelia and Peter Wollaston this week became our newest members. As always, we wish you a hearty welcome and hope you will have many years of enjoyable golf at Bush Hill.

First week of the Luther Smith this Saturday at Enfield. Unfortunately I can't be there as I will be in Scotland for a family reunion. Try not to miss me.

Tee Sheet here -  https://www.enfieldgolfclub.co.uk/competition.php?go=startsheet&compid=2144

Speak next week.


Ladies' Captain's Announcements
Captain's Announcements


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020