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Captain's Announcements

Well, we're all ready to go. I'm talking of course about Charity Day on Monday. We now have 25 teams, which I'm really pleased about, the weather looks set fair and we're all going to have a great day whilst raising money for Diabetes UK.

Winter Rules

Due to the unprecedented amount of rain and cold weather, the County have given dispensation to all Middlesex clubs to continue with winter rules until the end of May. We have decided to adopt this for a week or two at least. The ball is still picking up mud so if you are on the fairway you may lift, clean and replace it within six inches, no nearer the hole. Also there are places around the course which are still very wet and there is every chance that your ball could plug in the rough. Whilst these winter rules are in operation you are allowed to lift the embedded ball, clean it and drop as near to the spot as possible but no nearer the hole. I do not envisage continuing with winter rules for the whole of May and we will make another assessment of conditions next week. We'll keep you posted.

Bushguarders Trophy

The Bushguarders have a number of cups which, following their decline in numbers, have been presented to the club and are now being used for new events. The Bushguarders National Trophy is one such cup and was held last weekend, and I'm happy to announce that this year's winner was Kieran Costello with a magnificent 44 points. Runner up overall was Iain Lanario with 40 points. Mark Stevens and Chris Davison both finished on 39.

Kruger Sovereign

A big apology here. We had organised the Kruger Sovereign for this Thursday only to find that it clashed with both a rabbits match at home and a Rangers match away. After another look at the diary, the Kruger will now be played on Thursday 17th May. I'm really sorry for the mix up.

Victory Cup

A reminder that you can now sign up for the Victory Cup which will be played on the 19th May. You can sign up now on the PSI. Entries will close on the 14th May. The Victory Cup is one of our few 36 hole events and was presented by a Mr Stockley in 1919. It is our second oldest competition. I wonder why it was called the Victory Cup.

Three Club Challenge

Here's a fun event which has been very popular in recent years.

As it says on the tin, you are allowed three clubs, but you will also be allowed to take a putter, so four club challenge really! We have arranged this for the 24th May and it will start at 3.00 p.m. The competition is open to men and women and you can play either 18 or 13 holes. We are hoping people will be interested in eating afterwards but it is not obligatory. There is a notice on the board in the George Low bar or see Martyn Lainchbury.

Professional's Monthly Draw

The first of our revamped four-ball draws will be held on Sunday and we look forward to seeing as many people as we can. There is no need to enter the sweep if you just want to play for fun and Nicola will be playing with the Lady Captain. Also, Danny will be organising an eclectic which will run throughout the year.

Captain/pro Matches

The list for Captain/pro matches can now be found in the professional's shop. If anyone is interested please see Danny.

Job descriptions

I have been asked to clarify the roles of some of the members serving on the Captain's committee:

Jon Copley -in charge of club competitions

Robbie Martin- in charge of handicaps and external competitions.

If you have any questions relating to competitions or handicaps please see either Jon or Robbie. You can speak to me or Stewart but we will probably refer you back to them.

Finally, Danny tells me he has lost a considerable number of balls on the practice ground and is appealing to anyone who might have some old balls rolling around in their garage. He would be forever grateful if you could donate them to him please.

Tomorrow we have the May medal, which will also be available on Sunday, and the Scratch Knock-out qualifying for the better players among you. Enjoy the sunshine.

Speak next week.


Course Update
Course Update


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020