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Captain's Announcements

Hold onto your hats because I have got a lot to get through this week and I need your complete attention.

First of all I want to tell you that Sarah and Amy left us this week for pastures new. They were reliable and attentive bar staff and their cheery greetings will be greatly missed. Replacements will be difficult but we will see what we can do.

St George's Day

Sadly we had to cancel the evening's entertainment for St George's Day due to lack of ticket sales. However, the afternoon competition still went ahead and proved to be very enjoyable. The competition was played in teams of 4, two scores counting on the par 5's, three on the par 4's and all on the par 3's. The team of Sue and Len Palmer, Angela and Nick Balnave had 106 points, but the winners with a better back 9 were Lesley Avent, Dave Morris, the Lady Captain and the Captain; a very popular win I'm sure you'll agree!

April Stableford

Well done to the President, Nigel Hunnisett, who scored 38 points last Saturday to win division 1 and hence qualifying for the Lombard Trophy. Nigel now plays with Danny in the regional finals in July, probably at Sandy Lodge. Graham Dickens was 2nd with 37 points. Division 2 was a tussle between Oz Hassan and John Crissford, who both scored 37 points. Oz came out on top by having a better last 6 holes.

The competition on Saturday was listed as 'reduction only' which turned out not to be the case. After giving the computer a severe dressing down we managed to correct this. A few people (me included) might have thought they had avoided going up but sadly that was not the case and there were a few 0.1 increases. Our apologies for any inconvenience. I had assumed from my poor performance on Saturday that my handicap would have gone up and applied an increase, giving myself an extra shot on Sunday. Apparently you cannot make this assumption for increases and must wait until the dear old computer tells you.

Please note that, as well as the Winter League, monthly stablefords and medals, in fact all competitions that are not 'board' events can be played either on Saturday or Sunday. The rules of golf do allow for this and for tee and pin positions to be altered overnight. The rule was introduced to give 6 day members the opportunity for competitive play.


The Foxes were victorious yesterday against Grim's Dyke, the score being 5½ - ½. The match was held at home and is a promising start to the season.

Kruger Sovereign

A few of you noticed the deliberate mistake, which was that the Kruger Sovereign was missed off the diary. I am pleased to announce that it will now be played next Thursday, 3rd May. The Kruger Sovereign was presented by friends of Alan Kruger, a popular member, in 1973 and is played in spring and autumn.

Victory Cup

The first of our 36 hole competitions, the Victory Cup, will be played on 19th May. You can sign up now on the PSI. Please be advised, though, that booking will close on 14th May.

Charity Day

My charity day is now just over a week away, on Monday 7th May, and we now have 20 teams confirmed. Thank you to those who have put their names down, I was getting worried. Now I know how many are playing I can start sourcing prizes. It's a hard job this captaincy business.

Middlesex Sixes

The Middlesex Sixes is a County knock-out competition. The next round is at home against North Middlesex on Sunday 13th May. We still need one more player with a playing handicap of 6–10 to complete the team. If you can help please speak to Danny or Robbie Martin.

Lifestyle Credits

I have been asked to remind lifestyle members to sign in at the pro shop before they play. If the shop is closed then please go to the bar.

Captain/Pro Challenge

I've put this near the end of my report in the hope that most of you will have stopped reading by now. The sad story is that Danny and I played Iain Lanario and Ethan Cameron on Sunday. I have to say it was an extremely enjoyable morning but the wrong side won – we went down 2 and 1. Let's not dwell on this.

President's Quiz Night

There seems to have been a clash of dates on the 18th May when the Bush Babies are holding their Guest Day so Nigel has agreed to postpone his quiz for later in the year.

This week's competition is the Bushguarders' Trophy, which is a stableford competition. The trophy was presented in 2008 by the surviving Bushguarders.

Well, those of you who are still awake, I told you there was a lot to get through.

Speak next week.


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020