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Captain's Announcements

I'll just make this one observation – last year at this time we had sun and temperatures in the mid-twenties. This year we had 62 mm of rain in March compared with 18 mm last year. For the mathematically inclined that's over three times as much. Enough said.

The Rangers played against Finchley on Monday and I feel someone should review their medication. It rained when we went out and continued raining until, you guessed it, we were walking, or rather floating, up the 18th. And to cap it all we went down 4½ - 3½. The only saving grace was that the company was good.

Other matches, the foxes and the rabbits, were unfortunately cancelled due to the closure of the course.


Despite all the rain, however, Saturday was not a bad day, as can be evinced by some of the scores. Graham Dickens and John Stolliday, in particular, played out of their boots to come in with nett 64's. Well done to both of them, even John. Those that qualified for the Rafferty knock-out rounds are as follows:

Division 1

Division 2


Nett Score


Nett Score

Graham Dickens


Richard Blyth


John Stolliday


Joe McDermott


Martin Dunnett


John Crisford


Ethan Cameron


Paul Robertson


John Guiney


Neal Avent


Norman Carey


Richard Paterson


Se Banim


Richard Kemish


Jim Craggs


Paul Millard


For all of us who were not so lucky, there is another opportunity to qualify this coming weekend. Following that all 32 players go into an unseeded draw to begin the knock-out rounds.

Congratulations to Ethan Cameron and Oz Hassan who won their second round match in the Daily foursomes competition. They won by the convincing margin of 6 and 4 at what seems now to be called the Lee Valley Golf course. This used to be called Picketts Lock in my day. Also why is Lee Valley spelt L E E rather than L E A nowadays?

Four-Ball Draw

For some while I have been concerned about the low number of people attending the four-ball draw. In the last 18 months the highest attendance has been 28 and very often as few as 13. The original aim of the draw was to help members, particularly new ones, meet other members and there was a time when 40 or more would turn up on a Sunday morning. Your committee has been reviewing the situation and has decided that it is time to try something new. Just continuing with something that is not working is not the answer. We are, therefore, going to try the following. The draw will be taken over and organised by Danny, our professional, for the simple reason that he can view it with a new pair of eyes and has no preconceived ideas about how it should work. He already has some ideas, such as an eclectic competition that will run through the year, and his assistant, Nicola, will also take part, probably pairing up with the Lady Captain. This may encourage some of the lady members to play. We understand that many men would prefer to play with other men, just as some ladies would be more comfortable with other ladies. This is perfectly understandable so we will ensure that everyone will play with those that they would prefer to. Otherwise the draw will appear the same. The Captain will continue to play with the pro and the competition will be played as a team event, either in 3's or 4's depending on numbers. You don't even have to pay an entrance fee if you would rather just play the competition for fun. I have spoken to a number of people who feel it is worth trying, so that is what we will do from the next draw which is on 6th May. I would be grateful to hear views from anyone who has an opinion, or indeed any further ideas about how we can develop the event.

Charity Day

My charity day is now just over three weeks away and we are still in need of support. Entry forms can be found on the notice board in the George Low bar, or of course you can give the names of your team to Danny, Jenny or Stewart. Now is the time you need to be deciding your entry as we will have to organise tee-times, prizes, food etc. This is usually a fun event as well as the opportunity to raise money for a very worthy charity (bearing in mind also that the Lady Captain's charity has double the amount that mine has!). Charity Day will be on bank holiday Monday, 7th May.

St George's Day

Another event that needs your support. St George's Day will be celebrated on 20th April and will consist of a fun competition during the day and a buffet and live music in the evening. The golf will consist of teams of 4 and you can sign up in the George Low bar. Book for the evening in the usual way on the website, or simply talk to Debbie.

Friday Night Live

An evening of live music and an even livelier curry on Friday 27th April. Please book in the usual way.

We have had five new members join this week and it is nice to see some of the old faces back again. Welcome to them all. Danny has listed their names in his blog.

Now, Carol tells me that next week the temperatures could be in the twenties. I don't want to hear you complaining about the heat!

Speak next week.


Lady Captain's Announcements
Lady Captain's Announcements


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020