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Well, I've finally done it; I had a lesson with Danny yesterday, purely as a kind of market research exercise you understand, for which, as such, I expect to be reimbursed by the club. I can highly recommend a lesson with Danny, though. He has got one of these state of the art gizmos which tell you how fast your swing is, whether it is in-to-out, out-to-in, upside down, etc., though I have to say it was singularly useless at hitting a ball itself. Anyway, I've done it, so watch out Andy, your reign at the top of the Winter League is looking less secure!

Burn's Night
Last Saturday's Burn's night was another great occasion, thanks to the excellent talent of our resident MC, Mike Clarke. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed on the evening, including Joyce Crozier, Frank Farmer, John Stolliday and of course the Lady Captain.

Nice to see a new name at the top of division 1 with Tim Corrick scoring 40 points, especially given the conditions. Dave Krouse won division 2 with 34 points. No change to the top of the league, though, with Andy Morris still out front with 227 points and Graham Dickens snapping at his heels on 226. Someone stir things up please, there's only 7 weeks left.

Four-Ball Draw
This Sunday is the four-ball draw. Usual drill, be there by 8.00 a.m. for the draw, which will be at 8.15 precisely. Please note that breakfast will not be available before the game. However, there will be bacon rolls and coffee in the lobby, which will be available for £5.00.

Captain/Pro Matches
Finally, two people have had the courage to challenge Danny and me in the Captain/Pro challenge. But what about the rest of you? Never have I seen such a bunch of lily-livered cowards in all my life. At this rate the Captain/Pro dinner will be held in a downstairs cupboard!

Charity Day
Don't panic, Charity Day is not until the 7th May so you have plenty of time to get your teams together. The reason I bring it up now is to ask whether there are any generous souls out there who might like to donate a prize for the event. These can either be used for the raffle or for the competition itself. If so please let Stewart know and accept my sincere thanks. If not it doesn't make you a bad person so don't beat yourself up over it.

Dates for your Diary
9th February. Gourmet burgers and bangers Evening.
11th February. Music Sunday Lunch
16th February. Mexican themed buffet.
2nd March. Live music, featuring the Protocols, and a curry.
11th March. Mothers Day lunch.
17th March. This is the annual club dinner. More information next week when I've finalised the menu.

By the way, I can report that the irrigation system is nearly finished. Just pop over to Graham's blog for more information.

Speak next week


Course Update
Course Update


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Wednesday, 20 February 2019