‘On a fine Saturday afternoon in March 1895, Mrs. Aveling drove from the first tee to the sound of cheers from the crowd of the hundred or so ladies and gentlemen present’

This was the beginning of Bush Hill Park Golf Club, according to a report in Meyer’s Observer dated 22nd March, 1985. Originally it was a 9 hole course, situated in Queen Anne’s Gardens, Enfield, and by 1897 there were 125 gentlemen and 36 lady members. In 1909 the course was required for development and the Club leased land from the Old Park Estate owned by Hugh Rawlinson Ford. The new 18 hole course was opened on 7th June, 1913. A clubhouse was built (paid for by the members) but was burned down in 1920. In 1914, the Club started negotiations to buy the land but the First World War postponed the sale. In 1922 the land together with the house was purchased for £20,000.


In 1934, the Club was offered £100,000 for development but the members refused to sell. In 1937 Middlesex County Council wished to buy land in order to preserve the open space and in 1939, it was agreed to sell the house and land for £70,000 but before the sale was completed the Second World War began. The membership then was 250 gentlemen and 97 ladies and the annual subscription was nine guineas (£9.45). During the war, the Clubhouse was leased to the Anti-Aircraft Brigade and anti-glider ditches were dug on parts of the course. Golf was played but golf balls were in short supply. After 1945 the Club slowly returned to normal and was finally re-opened on 26th March, 1948. In 1953 the annual subscription was £16 and there was no joining fee.

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